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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by David Gretzmier, Dec 27, 2008.

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    I'm really wanting to increase my postard mailing in the next 3 months by not paying 60-80 cents per card to have them printed, addressed, mailed with postage.I will be buying a saturation list once by carrier route from for the neighborhoods I want to hit, and have print all the cards. This leads me to a cost somewhere around 25-30 cents per jumbo card printed and mailed. Hopefully this will allow me to double/triple my marketing coverage.

    my question is has anyone taken lists and then printed them on cards using a laser printer?

    It would seem a matter of taking the first data record from, printing that in a certain spot on the card, reading the next address, printing, etc.

    I know these have to be printed and brought to the post office in the walking order by carrier route to get the cheapest postage, but I was wondering if anyone out there has actually done this.

    I know I can buy software for 900-2400 bucks to do this, but I'm trying to save money here rather than spend it.
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    I used recently and the cards look great. Just make sure that you don't get the UV protection on the side you want to print the addresses on!

    A good program to print the cards would be ACT! You would have to import the data to this customer database program first. The best version is 6.0, it is an older version, but works great and you can buy it cheap on the internet. (like $20 or so and runs a lot faster than the newer versions) Not sure if you can get this program to sort by walking order though...

    keep us posted on what you figure out...
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    I can get the data already listed in walking order, It just has to grab the data, print it, grab the next one, etc.

    looking around on the postal service website, they also require you to have a list that has been updated in the last 90 days, and you have to print the postage on the cards, which is fine if i can figure that out too. Funny thing is, the post office does not offer or sell the list of addresses that are in a carrier route and are updated. You have to buy that from a third party vendor. but THE VENDOR can buy them from the post office and resell them.

    They also won't tell you what the carrier codes are, but will sell you a map with the codes withing a certain zip code. Once you know the codes you want to mail to, then you can buy all the addresses in that code from a third party vendor.

    It makes me crazy that I cannot just go into the local post office, bring the printed but not addressed postcrards, and say, deliver these to every address on postal rounte r236. heres the money for postage for the 550 addresses on that route. and then the carrier just adds one to each box. I get items in the mail all the time without an address. it is almost always a small newspaper coupon thing, pizza coupons, etc. there must be some way to do it. yet the post office looks at you funny when you suggest it.

    somehow it makes more sense to them for me to

    a) pay for a carrier code map and figure out which route I want to saturate that includes all the addresses I want and some I don't, then

    b) pay a company to purchase all the addresses in that route or routes in a walking order and pay to have it updated every 3 months and then

    c) pay a company that is "cass" certified or do it myself if possible to print ( by machine only so ) each address in walking order ( do mailmen even walk any more? ) and

    d) print the proper postage on there with a barcode of some kind and then

    e) deliver them by route to the main post office in some sort of tray, bundled by code, and no, you cannot just mail them, to get the best rate you gotta bring them to the post office.

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