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Posting a MPEG on my site.

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I haven't messed around with my site in a while but I am curious as to posting an MPEG on the site and how do I reference it.
I am using Frontpage.

What I have are small MPEGS from a digital camera (running time of 10 seconds to 1 minute).
How would I put them into the site so that people can select that MPEG if they choose and open it to view.

After that is done, how would I reference this in a reply on Lawnsite?
For example, I have a leaf bailer collecting leaves in an MPEG. I want people on Lawnsite to be able to view it if they are interested. How do I put it on my website and what would be the way I reference it in my post so people are directed to it?
Clear as mud? Thanks for any help.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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