Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by xcopterdoc, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. xcopterdoc

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    I think it would be a great if people would post back on their threads to let others know if the advice given worked or not. There are many threads where a problem with this or that is posted. Advice from a lot of different folks is posted, yet, we never hear back if any of it worked or not. Just thought it would be nice to know. Also it will effectively close the thread if someone comes along weeks or even months later and sees it. We all learn things everyday.
  2. Kilroy

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    I think this is a great idea. Plus, by posting what solved/fixed the problem, there would be answers for anybody doing future searches on similar problems.
  3. echo8287

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    This is a good idea. Experiance helps when it comes to diagnostics, but what finally fixed the problem can sometimes be out of the ordinary. It sure helps others in the end if they can touch all the bases when it comes to small engine repairs. There are many things to try and few solutions. I will post back on my problems when I get them ironed out. This is a very helpful site. David

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