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    Exactly same in our is a good business and they aren't paying over $35 for spring cleanup. If you got the right equipment it doesnt' take longer any way. And the good part their expectations aren't very high.
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    This is true,, if I land the account I spread the cleanup over a couple of mowing if the leaves are 2' deep in areas. I really was kinda referring to over grown bushes, trees and so on. About 1/2 of my accounts are bi-weekly.
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    It is also true, I have been doing LC for 27 years, and just joined this sight a few months ago. I was adding a enclosed trailer and did a search on racks for the inside, and Lawnsite come up. Did some searching and joined. I will have to say alot of the people on here get their shorts in a knot. I would suggest if you can't say something nice than don't say it at all.

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