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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mowbizz, Jun 19, 2009.

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    I had a referral from an existing client to "her friend" down the street. Me and my client walked to the friend's house together (while I was mowing my client's lawn) so I could look at the property. Anyways...I looked around and gave her a price of $90/week for her yard and the field (mowed by them) that is attached. The field is about an acre or a bit more...the yard is smallish (maybe 10 minutes of mowing). Well the lady said she only wanted the field mowed every 2 weeks but the yard every week. Without thinking too much about it I said ok...$45 for the yard and $90 bi-weekly for the yard + field. I felt afterward that I under priced the field because of the 2 week time frame and the grass could be longer because of that 2 week period.
    I wrote up the proposal and gave it a 7 day response time. Long story short, she didn't respond within the 7 day period, but 3 weeks later she called and left a message that she wanted my services, but wanted to talk to make sure we "were on the same page" about the mowing. I haven't returned the call but I want to "re-do" my proposal to increase the bi-weekly cost pf mowing the field.
    What would you do???

    Thanks for any suggestions on this potential client...:drinkup:
    (PS: I would like to get more established in this neighborhood of high end homes too but don't want to give my services away either)
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    Meanwhile, the grass is getting taller, unless she is mowing it, slide by, take a look at it, and call her back, after the look, if it aint getting cut, there's your green light to raise the price.:waving:
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    We'd do for 90 every 2 weeks.... but you've seen it and I haven't... if there's a lot of obstructions or other "issues" maybe not.

    We have a few 1 acre "lots" we cut every two weeks with just a few trees on them, nothing else. We cut them for $45. 2 61" Zs knock than out in just a few minutes.

    Most guys are happy a potential new customer EVER calls them back.... LOL
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    Yes...I was surprised she called back. The back "acre" is pretty wide open and I can let the mower discharge and no need to trim out there either...just mow and go...I will, however, bag the upper yard and trim and blow as usual there.
    I called her this afternoon and said I would like to have her business but I would need to look at that "field" one more time because in my haste and off the top of my head, my initial estimate was a little low. She seems open to a little increase on that. I also found out while conversing with her that she has a lawn service now, that she is "not happy with."
    I will ask her to give me some details on what she's not happy about (with the existing LCO) when I speak to her tomorrow...thanks for the thoughts guys...:drinkup:
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    I think that's the right thing to do, talk it over with the customer one more
    time so the details can be refreshed and that everything is straight.

    You might, if you have on-the-fly cut height selection, decide, when cutting the field, set that thing high!

    It's not because I want you to leave it looking bad, matter of fact it will probably clump
    a whole lot less but it's because it might save your blades, I say at least 4 to 5 inches.
    Only way I can see daylight, I've set it high as she'll go before, especially for fields that just
    need to be wacked down and even then sometimes it bends a blade. :angry:

    Make sure to keep in mind to re-set that cut height back to normal after thou :p

    Yeah, that's the thing, if it were me I could still use the work, now to keep from getting totally messed up
    there are times I have to head back out and do the estimate bit over in short version, just to be sure.
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  6. Mowbizz

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    High setting for sure...and the Lazer Z has a very fast height change system...

    A 2nd look, if you get the chance is always good...

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