Potential customer house in service area/ business out of area


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I got a call to give an estimate for a potential customers house and business for complete maintanence. The house is in my service area near 6 other accounts but the business is about 15 to 20 minutes away from my closest customer, but the drive back to the shop at the end of the day could be between 40 and 50 minutes. Would you guys take it or pass?? :confused: thanks

gene gls

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Only you can decide on that question. Most all of us take a customer out of our range now and then. Its one way of expanding, getting your foot in the door of a different area. You have to weigh the "dollar" value of the new properties against the extra travel. This is a good way to get recognized with some of the commercial property owners. Some small business owners like to "show off" their properties to other business colleges when they visit each other. I have one commercial property on a main road that is very visible, best advertising you can get. I make sure its in top shape and receive many comments about the property...Good Luck with your discession.



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I would look over your schedule closer. Can you get some jobs in that drive back to the shop?


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st pete, FL
If its 15-20 min one way, and 40-50 minutes back, wouldnt you still have a 25-30 minute trip back without this account? so just figure in 30-40 minutes of drive time into the bid, unless you really want it bad and dont care about the extra time.

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