Potential disaster with new hire?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by BSDeality, Jun 19, 2006.

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    I'm currently waiting on my Workman's comp to go through. In the process a collegue of mine mentioned his son who is 18 was looking for work. I interviewed him about 2 weeks ago and he seemed like he was interested in the job. He was born/raised in the south but transplanted to my town so he might actually have a decent work ethic. He has called me a couple times to check up and see how the WC application is going. so that looks good for him too.

    Now things may change. I mentioned this potential hire to a friend of mine who knows almost kid in town. He said the name sounded familiar, and would ask around to see what anyone knew about him. Evidently this kid is an outcast, and allegedly raped a couple young girls. I do not know if there are charges, or if these are allegations, rumors, etc. I want to believe that it is just a rumor, but I need to get down to the bottom of this. How do I go about it? His father is a very well respected lawyer (so if there was legal charges it could easily have disappeared), a great collegue of mine who I see at least once a week, and also helped me form my legal status as a business. I have already agreed on a starting wage and hours verbally with him. I have to get some answers that are more than just speculation, but how? I work around schools quite frequently and I cannot have that potential predator walking around with my name. but then again, what if its just a rumor?
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    First, you should be able to check criminal records down at the courthouse as I believe they are also a matter of public record?
    You might want to call first, see what the deal is.

    It's a bit of a long shot but I've done it before and you can't be 100 percent sure of what comes up, but try typing his first and last name into Google and click Search, see what comes up. No results is good results but whatever comes up (including nothing) is no 100 percent guarantee of anything either. Use at your own discretion, it is but an indicator, one more thing to keep in mind for future reference.
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    There is nothing on google about it. I have to be very careful about asking him because I don't want to look prejudiced against him for something that may just be speculation.

    An aquaintence of mine was just laid off too and I'd much rather hire him instead if he's interested.
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    I didn't understand which one would you rather hire you say, the acquaintance or the guy?

    To me it's a bit of a no brainer, criminal records aside and all I see it thusly:

    If the answer is the acquaintance, then hire him and sorry but you found someone with better qualifications.
    If the answer is the guy, then hire the guy and tell your acquaintance that you currently have no job openings.

    Ohhh wait, you agreed on hours / wage... But did you go beyond that? If not, oh well...
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    I guess you could require a criminal background check. Say that since you work in close proximity (sp?) to schools that you are required to have that information.
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    I would rather hire the later mentioned friend of a friend. I just want to make sure I keep it legal in terms of saying I've basically hired him, told him he would be working around 25-30hrs/wk part time. If this violates some hiring/firing practice I'm sure I would catch crap from his lawyer father.

    I've recently been thinking about my business/operation and have some major thinking to do. This spring I was swamped which is why I was looking to hire, now I'm considering changing the direction of the business. For now I have the kid in a holding pattern while I get my application for Workmans Comp finalized.
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    I think it's pretty sorry to tell the kid he's got the job only to hire someone else instead unless you know for a fact that he did indeed commit these alleged rapes.

    For all you know, he's turned down some other opportunity because he had told you he'd work for you.

    A man's word should mean something. If this is the way you run your business and treat people, I promise that it will come back to haunt you at some point in the future.
  8. StBalor

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    Just tell him it's summer time, getting hot and dry and you do not have the work you thought you were gonna have for him.
    Lost some accounts, whatever. If you don't want to hire him, then don't.
  9. BSDeality

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    I do try to be a man of my word, however these are pretty serious allegations, which if true could have horrible impact on my business. I would like to perhaps re-interview him and ask him some questions I forgot to ask the first time and see if I can fish for an answer.

    I forgot to ask about his driving record for one thing, so I would like to know the outcome of that, perhaps I could ask if he has even been arrested or charged with a felony. is that a legal question to hire a interviewee?
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