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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LCME, Oct 14, 2004.

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    Talking to a potential 2005 weekly mowing customer over the phone I'm asked, how much do you normally charge. My reply, $30 minimum. She currently only pays $25 to current LCO. But, she is not happy with the current LCO's service. I tell her I need to look at the property for my final price. So, later today I will be looking over the property. Also, she is giving me phone numbers to 2 of her neighbors for weekly mowing too.

    My gut feeling is she is telling me she is willing to only pay $25. But, I plan to sell my weekly mowing at $30. Mow, trim, edge, blow, etc.

    Any advise, comments, suggestions on how I can get and up-sell my services for weekly mowing here. Also, the potential for 1 or 2 more here too. Thanks, LCME
  2. Gravely_Man

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    Do what you need to do. I personally would not have given a number over the phone without seeing the property first. That being said it might be a $25.00 lawn but then again the real winner for you is that she is not happy with her current LCO. Make a point to sell why you are better then the current guy and why you are worth the extra money.

  3. bobbygedd

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    my experience with people who mention thier neighbors......they are "playing the game", they know you'll run right over to get a few grouped lawns right in a row. they EXPECT you will be comming in cheap, since there are a few in a row. anytime a prospect calls on the phone and says, "my nieghbors and i......, or i need grass cutting and landscaping......" they know what will draw your attention. the grouped properties, and the "big hit" by using the word "landscaping". i've had bad results with people who drag thier neighbors into it right from the start. i've had good results though, after giving a quote, and they agree, then they give me thier neighbors numbers. let us know how it turns out. i got $10 that says she will be telling you how much she's gonna pay, and she will throw the "you can have my nieghbors too" thing right in your face. good luck
  4. MMLawn

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    I personally don't have and never will have a set mininum price for lawns. Fact is at least in NC, I am a firm believer that some lawns just simply shouldn't cost say $30 or $35 to cut. The guys that have the attitude that "I don't drop my gate for less than $35" and I personally know several LCO's here that say that, are losing some good money because of that. I don't have any lawns right now cheaper than $25 but that isn't to say that under the right circumstances I might not bid $20 on a yard. But with that said I probably would have a price break in the back of my head say a price where I would just as soon as not have the job as to do it for say $15 or so regardless of whether it was a good price, if that makes sense.
  5. chevyman1

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    I had a lady do that to me between $25 and $30....I told her mine was $30, but I'd do the hedges for free one time in the middle of the summer. Took me maybe 20 minutes, and got the $30 all year
  6. Mowing Freak

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    My opinion, stick to your guns. I have a $30 minimum and tell people I have over $100,000 worth of equipment (well would be if I bought it all new) and am insured. This works most all the time and you will let the people know in a way that they can't run over you. You can't go into walmart and tell them that you don't want to pay this price for this item. If you did, they would basically say take it or leave it. DON'T let yourself be short changed. You may not get the account but it will leave an open space for a better account down the road. Also as said earlier sell your services. I don't run my competition in the ground. Could make you look bad to the customer. If you can, point out a mistake and say I don't do it that way, then explain how you do it different. Trust me, it pays off in the end.
  7. tiedeman

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    I have to agree with Bobby on this one. She is just playing games with you trying to get you to service her property at a lower price
  8. twins_lawn_care

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    since you told her your minimum is $30, don't change that. if you do, she'll know she can weasel you down on every single estimate you give her from now on. Definitely sell yourself, with all the edging, trimming, etc. speak highly of your on time service, and give examples of why you are a good choice, rather than why the old company was a bad one.
    Good luck, let us know if you get it, and if you get the neighbors.

    We give a free cut for any neighbor referral we contract for 1 year. that seems to get them talking when they hear "FREE"
  9. Evergreenpros

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    Tell her $30 and if she signs up a friend you'll give her a free mow or two.
  10. Gene $immons

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    We mow a lawn for $10.00 dollars. That's right $10.00 dollars.

    It is a small strip next to a lawn that we do for $35.00

    takes us 4 seconds

    Now, who has that beat?

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