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    So I've been considering getting into this business for a while now. I don't have any real experience to speak of--just mowing my mom's lawn when I was younger. I have a friend whose father recently closed his heavy equipment rental store and would be able to provide me with some very fairly priced used equipment. My question is this--what sort of potential am I looking at as far as monthly revenues? The reason I ask is that I will be quitting my job as a sales manager and want to make sure I'll still be able to pay my bills starting out. I've already spoken to a few people I know who are in the business, but it's hard to just ask someone how much they make without worrying about offending them. I'm basically just looking for some realistic figures so I can plan accordingly. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys, I love this site already.
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    as the saying goes, don't quit your day job. if it's possible to work around it, or go part-time with your job, do so. you'll need to build up a client list to support yourself, and remember, you've got non-mowing winter months.

    also, start reading back through this specific board. any question you might ask has likely been addressed. the search function is a great resource as well. type in any word or term and i guarantee you receive back more than you can read.

    oh, and my fee for this post is for yins to send me a case of lager (there's only one lager...) and a primanti brother's sandwich (egg and roast beef, extra fries please).

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    My advice is be careful with that rental equipment, people can be really hard on that stuff.
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    I would say it depends on your financial situation as far as jumping in full time. Of course starting part time is usually better ,but you may not be able to do that because of your present work schedule. So, if your finances can handle it I say go for it. As far as potential, it kind of depends on your area but basically lets say you can avg $30 per yard and do 8-12 per day. You will get faster and more effecient the more you do ,but depending on travel time 8 is easily done in a day. So say you do 8 per day @$30 for 4 days and you can see what kind of money is possible. Of course that is based on getting the jobs ,but that will come.
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    Thanks guys. I kinda figured I might need to get another PT gig in the beginning. Unfortunately, I don't think my current job will allow for that kind of flexibility. I'm making a decent living considering this is my first job out of college, but sitting in an office for 9-10 hours a day is really starting to wear on my nerves. And by the way, I'm purebred buckeye (Youngstown) Tony, and I DO NOT use the word yinz. However, I did work at Primanti's for 3 years while I was going to Pitt, so I'm sure I could arrange something. Just not sure how well the eggs and slaw will hold up in the mail.
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    i'm an ohio state grad with a penn state grad brother.

    and you may not say "yinz", but i'll bet a yuengling you say "soda". it's impossible to live in that state for any length of time without giving up the word "pop".
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    Always good to see Primanti fans :)

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    All I know is you are all wrong and I'm right..


    How much can you make??
    Run a poor business and you can make nothing. And it is easy.

    The question should be--How much do I need to live. If you are to be the labor in you business than you now know your labor rate.
    Add overhead-cost of doing business-Insurance and all the other tons of stuff and than add what ever you need to get you right profit.
    If you can do 3 lots a hour and you figure you will work 40 hours you now know that you need 120 jobs to support yourself.
    Now you have to decide what is necessary to get those jobs.

    This is a very-very rough layout of a business plan and you need to do that first. Use searches on here to get info.

    If you feel this is a easy way to make lots of money you are wrong.
    If you work outside 40 hours you will also work 30+ hours running your business and maintaining your equipment.
    I do not understand why so many guys feel that they have it so bad in the office world. Business is business and you will spend as much time doing paper work and office stuff as you do now.
    There are some on this site that make real money but most are more than likely less than 50K take home. And the ones that make it earn it!
    This is not a get rich quick gig.
    Do yourself a favor and study it for a while and know all the answers before you make the jump. Good luck

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    My in-laws are big on the "yinz", although it comes out sounding a bit more like "yunz".

    As for the original question, yes, plan on another source of income when you start. I'm sure it's been done before, but not realistic to expect to earn enough to cover all your expenses AND get thru the winter your first year. But that first year will hopefully give you a solid foundation to grow on for the second year, you can work on filling in/tightening up your route. If you keep your goals in mind, rather than jumping at every money-making opportunity you can get where you want much more quickly.
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    It sounds like you might need to find a part time job like you said because a 9 hour office job does not leave much time for a start up business.If you can get some good used equipment then thats a step in the right direction maybe the guy will even let you make some payments to him on it,talk to him about your situation.

    Then sit here and keep reading it will help and ask questions.

    Welcome to Lawnsite.

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