Poulan Pro PR28 String Trimmer Head


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I picked up a Poulan Pro PR28 string trimmer on the clearance rack at Tractor Supply earlier this summer. All of my Echo string trimmers need work and I was impressed by the 28cc engine on this trimmer. The trimmer looked like it was never used when I bought it, but it would not start. After taking a closer look in the gas tank I noticed the fuel line was not connected to the little connector inside. Easy fix!

I started to cut down weeds with amazing speed! Only problem is the head. I tapped the bump feeder on the ground and must have cracked the top part that holds the string. The little metal grommet that surrounds the out hole where one of the pieces of line comes out simply shot out. I was fortunate enough to find it, but it happened again and this time I lost it for good.

I don't care much for this head and I want to replace it. What an ordeal! The arbor is a 3/8-24 with a RH turn. I can't find a replacement anywhere! Not even Tractor Supply sells them. I picked up several universal heads but they are all left hand turn on. Also, all of those fittings with them do not fit. Anyone know where I can get a good quality replacement head?

BTW - I am not a big Poulan fan. I would normally never had have bought this were it not for the $20 price tag. After using it, I like it very much! I would like to continue to use it with a good quality head. Thanks!