Poulan weedeater pull starter

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by dicharry, Jun 27, 2004.

  1. dicharry

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    I have a Poulan 1700A weedeater that runs like a scalded cat
    but is tricky to start. When pulling the starter rope, the starter
    ratchet may miss or partially catch the (dogs?).
    One or two pulls may just spin the starter pulley- no engagement
    or resistance as when spinning the crankshaft. On the next
    pull or two the ratchet may partially catch and turn the engine
    over one or two times. It's a hit or miss proposition, but after
    several tugs I manage to get it started.
    Is this a simple repair? Maybe just replacing the starter dog springs? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Don in Louisiana
  2. mudpie

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    take the pull cord houseing off and look at the pulley (teeth) if they are not worn look at the dogs and springs. the springs may be broke or the dogs worn or sticking. they should not be to hard to replace. the springs hold the dogs in aginst the pulley teeth when it not running

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