Power Chute Design......Anyone use them?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TLS, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. TLS

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    I need to do something this year for my new SuperZ as far as an OCDC goes.

    I have my leftover YSM Director from my Lazer, but it will require a substantial amount of modification to work.

    I've looked at all of todays brands.

    My major complaint is the control stalk on most brands. My YSM Director wasn't the best in this department, but it still got hit pretty good on branches, etc. Most of todays brands with a control arm/stalk really stick way out there.

    The other complaint is that the plate fold up at LEAST 180 degrees. My old YSM Director folded back over center and rested on an angle. Way out of the way. Many of todays brands either don't operate 180 degrees or don't lift far enough to clear the width of the deck.

    With the old YSM Director, I could pass my 60" UC deck between two posts 61" apart. Once again this would be a requirement for my new OCDC.

    The brand that interests me the most would be the Power Chute Design. However, other than them being a sponsor, I've not heard much about them.

    Exmark's new design looks nice, however it's only designed to work on eXmarks, and it only operates 90 degrees.

    Something like theirs that could work 210 degrees would be the cats meow.

  2. Meg-Mo

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    We got 2 of them last fall and they work well. The do stick out 1 1/2" open or closed. A little more money than the advance chute system. My guys ask yesterday if I would get some more of them.
  3. Power Chute Design

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    I'll stay out of the opinions, but I just wanted to say that we have sold ALOT of Power Chutes for Hustlers in both the XR-7 and (older) non-XR-7 decks. For the FasTraks also.
  4. TLS

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    I guess my main concern is that 1 1/2" part sticking out.

    My other area of concern is the rear curvature of the discharge opening on the 60" XR-7. In the pictures it shows a flat plate. Is the plate bendable to fit the curvature of the opening?

    Also, it looks to only operate 180 degrees. Is there a way to modify it to rest back further when open?

    Any better pictures?
  5. Power Chute Design

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    We do have some test models that are zero clearance (no 1 inch sticking out past the mower's edge when it is full open), but the problem is that behind the Power Chute motor there is rarily enough clearance for the movement of the linkage without it hitting a part of the mower. Realize that the it's ONLY an inch further out than the edge of the deck where the manual OCDC's usually have much more sticking further out with the linkage for the closing mechanism when closed.

    As far as the rear curvature on the Hustler decks we have had no problems or complaints about the straight shape of the Power Chute.

    I have many pictures of each model. You can email me for more photos if you wish.
  6. Picture Perfect Landscape

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    what is the purpose? There wasn't much informaiton on your website.
  7. Power Chute Design

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    The purpose?
  8. TLS

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    Back to the original question please....
  9. TLS

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    Bump for anyone that owns one of these?

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