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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Power Chute Design, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. Power Chute Design

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    I want to keep everyone up to date on this saga I'm trying to get finalized and new working foot pedals to those in need.

    I got the tracking number on the final sample enroute to me from China. Once I recieve the sample I can do final testing overnight and then give approval for immediate production and air shipment to me for expedited delivery to you.

    Last week I sent a sample to the American company and hope to get a quote from them in the next week or two.

    I very happy with the design of the interior switches on the pedals about to be made a sent to me by air. The new switches are far superior to the ones in the defective pedals that some of you got sent originally. This will all be completed and behind us soon. I made them well aware that this all started early enough so the new pedals would arrive well before mowing season.. I had hoped.

    Thanks ... Norm
  2. beaver29

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    I have a new power chute (Super Z XR-7) on order Norm, what kind of time frame am I looking at before I recieve my chute?
  3. Power Chute Design

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    I'm sorry, but I am not sure of the exact order off the top of my head. But, if it it a toggle switch it will be within a few days. A foot pedal and I would say about two weeks or a few days more maybe.

    I say two - three weeks as a worse case... I hope. But, I don't see it being any more than three weeks tops.

  4. Cajun Country Lawn Care

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    Thanks on the update.
  5. Power Chute Design

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    I spoke with both companies I am dealing with thru this headache.

    The American firm came back with a bid much higher than my worse fears which would be 8 times the cost of the Chinese pedals. I was fearing 4 times higher. In order to use them I would have to raise the price of a Power Chute by $60.00. This would still put the unit $20.00 less than one of the OEM's OCDC's. The other problem is that production would also be 8 months out.

    I spoke, at length, to the Chinese firm today and they had some appropriate answers for the delays. We spoke about concerns and there seems to be some decent response to working out the final concerns in regards to wiring and also working them out soon. We are now going to be on a daily conference schedule working toward production soon.

    Another customer also connected me with another Chinese electronics firm out of California. He had had good success with them and I have made intial contact with them as well and will be sending then a sample tomorrow.

    I would tell you that anyone that is interested in getting their Power Chute soon can be sent out with a toggle controller. When they foot pedals do come in I would sell you on AT COST. Or you can wait for the foot pedals to come in before shipment.

    I do apologize deeply and assure you that this is my number one priority until the pedals are in stock. I firmly believe in my product and will be here to support it and you many years after this probelms is solved. The only part of the product I have no control over and that is what has turned into my Mother of all headaches. I'll keep you informed.

  6. fastcat

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    thanks for keeping us updated. i have a wright stander 52 rh and am in need if an ocdc and i like your product. i guess that i would need the toggle switch and not the foot pedal. is there a waranty on this product.
  7. Power Chute Design

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    I hand make each unit myself so I back all workmanship and welding for life. Any problems just let me know so we can get you back up and running, but honestly (other than this mess), there are very few problems associated with the product. Yes, you would need the toggle switch.

    I got a call from the first American company that I had explained my sadness in finding their quote was 8 times higher than my current (read new) provider. I did tell them that I ordered three different foot pedals his company (Linemaster) makes that may work for me. he said that he is going to sharpen his pencil and work with his engineers to see what they can do to work with a more standardized pedal for me. They had orginally spec'ed a pretty exotic design with red and green dots for up and down and some custom internal switches.

    The Chinese company got my images and latest wiring interests too late to get back to me yet today (did you know when it's day here it's night there?). So the rep in Conneticut said they will write over the weekend or Monday.

    I also shipped another sample pedal to the fellow in California I mentioned earlier so we'll see what develops there as well. After my initial thoughts he seemed interested into working with me.

    Last night I searched for three hours online and found some possibilities. I ordered three units from Linemaster and two from another firm. I also have pedals coming from BassPro and a couple others I can't even remember who they are coming from. But, I have alot of shipping notices saying stuff is coming.

  8. Power Chute Design

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    The main manufacturer has assembled all of the components needs for production
    (heavy duty switches, wiring cases). They are air shipping me the final sample for testing tomorrow (Weds). So in one week from now I should have the final pedal tested and ready for approval. The day of final testing I am going to call them for immediate production and shipment.

    Thank you...Norm
  9. MOturkey

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    Checked your website. Why nothing for Gravely?
  10. Power Chute Design

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    There has never been a big call for Gravelys. Not near enough demand is all.


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