Power Chute VS Grass Flap

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mtmower, May 31, 2012.

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    Got another email from GF and he said it is possible to have chute partly open by holding pedal partially down. I fired off a few more questions that I hope to hear back on.

    On PC web site they show an update which is basically a nut and bolt that acts as a stop when in the up position to keep the motor from being over extended some how and damaged. They offer instructions to do this to preexisting PCs to help prolong the motors. This may have corrected the motor failure of the earlier products.

    I hear you on making my own. Have done so about three times already. Purchased my last two units, which were hand operated as well and they all worked pretty well. I don't recall the manufactures names. I just don't want to cobble up this new mower and since I'm spending the money figured I go as efficient as possible. Never used a foot operated before but even after running hand operated for several years I can see the advantage, especially for my wife.

    The Gravely unit has a couple of problems. It requires having an incorporated over size rubber chute on as part of it. Probably for liability. This rubber chute creates a clipping problem every so often. Partly because it's so large it almost flops when hitting bigger bumps and if your on a side hill near the bottom it shoots it into the ground. When putting it together I tried assembling it without the rubber flap but they made it so the flap and retaining metal piece needs to be there for spacing purposes. With it removed the door swings free in the air in the upper/open position and has nothing to center it so it hits the slot when it's lowered. I considered cutting off the chute or better yet getting another piece of rubber and metal to make a spacer in place of the cute to eliminate it. It's been so long since I've run a chute that I can't get use to all the space it takes up even though it flexes nicely.

    Secondly the throw or travel of the handle on the Gravely is very long and stiff. Even after loosening everything still is an issue. It's out to the right fairly far also causing you to lean and grab. Shorter arms would make it worse. It also has a spring loaded lock in three positions. It seems so stiff that locks don't seem necessary but they are. Several times I would look over and see windrows and find that I didn't have it in the slot for top position and it bounced down on it's own to the middle position.

    Lastly and the biggest problem IMO is the door has air holes drilled through it which is great until you go to open it from the closed position. All the grass clippings and whatever are forcibly scraped off each time by the slot the door rides in as it's raised. Doesn't sound so bad but then you have all the clippings that are stuck in/through the holes that don't scrap and you literally cut/tear them in half or thirds as it is pulled up through the slot. Found myself pounding on the handle to get it to lock in upper position and if not locked rattles down eventually to leave a windrow.

    All this being said it is made super heavy duty. I think the thing probably weighs 30lbs. and it attaches and removes quickly with just one bolt.
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    Fair enough. I to get a little annoyed at using my hand to operate my chute. Its very easy to use but yeah, I understand what your saying.
    IMO, I would probably consider the PC first. I just see all those parts and the high mount on the GF being a bit of a bugger (hitting low branches etc) not to mention the size of the foot control looks to take up quite a bit of room on the floor pan. Thats just going off that vid though, may not be so bad in person.

    Its a pitty the existing blocker isnt working for you. Makes sense what your saying though. Mine gets a lot of build up on it especially when grass is moist. The last blocker I made I put holes in it, they chocked up so fast it was pointless having them there.

    In the mean time, can you remove the guillotine blocker all together?
    Does your chute have a spring on the hinge?
    The one I made up for the SZ, the chute has a spring, I removed the plastic chute, spot welded some checker plate onto some angle iron and bolted it to the existing hinge. The spring keeps it closed unless there is a lot of build. Was seriously cheap to make out of scrap. I just use some chain to open close because it was easy to put together and its all cheaply replaceable.

    But yes, a PC would be nice but I wouldnt be able to trust long term service. Exposed moving parts and electric's would be a concern. That said, I havent even seen one in person so take what I say with a gain of salt.
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    After looking into both of them I'll be getting the power shoot. The video's on the "grass flap" website didn't impress me at all. Anything that has bungie cords hanging off it in the demo is not something i'd buy. Additionally, it seems like it just flips open when the mower has too much grass under it. While the idea makes sense, I don't like it in practice. For example, if you're running the right side of the mower past a flower bed or landscaped area and the shoot automatically flips open due to a large amount of grass under the deck 1), that defeats the purpose of controlling the clippings and 2), you just discharged an even larger amount of grass into an area where they weren't wanted.

    Just my .02
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    Yes I already removed it and am running bare (no chute at all). Which means I'm blowing clippings places I'd rather not at times till I figure something out. My dealer has been super. I called and explained the situation and he said just bring it back and he gave me a full refund for it!

    It's really odd, it seems like a lot less clippings coming out of the discharge than on a SZ. Clippings are almost none extant as far as causing problems. I have just noticed today some stragglers sticking up here and there with no pattern in the super wispy fescue. I need to find out whats causing this.

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