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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Surferbum21, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Surferbum21

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    Does anyone else have this problem with their local PE stores? All 3 of my trimmers decided to take a dive on one day. 2 were getting old but thought wed make it to the end of the season sale. No time to fix while out in the field so I made calls to 3 freaking stores and not one had any shindawai trimmers in stock nor the parts I needed. How the hell do you run a business like this? I was able to borrow one from a friend who does landscape so thank goodness for that.

    I know other companies are competition but I highly advise befriending at least 1 or 2. I've loaned equipment out with the favor returned right back...
  2. rwaters

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    were they dropping Shindawa? I know some distributors require you to have echo now as well to get Shindawa, so that could be why they are out. I can see being out of some parts but trimmers at this time of year that is kinda odd.
  3. Keith

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    That was the story with Shindaiwa around here for years. Dealers would have them, then ditch them, then sometime end up back with the line again. They rarely ever stocked them, or parts for them. Shindaiwa bitched about online sales, but for a lot of people like me, that was the only way I could ever own them.

    But when 3 quit in one day, there isn't much you can do.
  4. kilgoja

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    sounds like time to switch brands...try husqvarna or honda lol
  5. BrunoT

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    You're not alone. I went to buy a 21" mower last fall of a certain brand. The dealer closest to me carried their line as his main brand. He had zero of them in stock. Zero as demos. Zero brochures on them. Zero of ANY 21" mower of that brand. And only ONE 21" commercial mower in the entire store. But I of course was welcome to order one, sight unseen, if I wanted, for about $1400.

    I also wanted to buy a grass/leaf collection system. Same story. No way to test one out, you pretty much had to just hope for the best. I had to risk about $1700 on that. Decided I wasn't up to eating the cost if it sucked (or rather didn't)

    They did have a stand on there. But not in the deck size I needed. And no plans to bring one in. "not a popular size" I was informed. But I was welcome to drop about $6500 on the chance it actually worked well. I wondered to myself how they'd know it wasn't popular if nobody could see one or demo one while they were welcome to try out another size.

    Meanwhile in all of this, zero offer to set up demos of anything with their regional reps. But I was free to call the manufacturer direct if I wanted and see if they would drive something out.

    Drove by there last month. They've gone out of business. Apparently others were not into buying sight-unseen either.

    You're either in business or you're not. If you don't stock equipment you want to sell, or at least have enough mowers to demonstrate to prospective customers, you won't sell very many. Yes, it adds to costs. But I doubt BMW or Chevrolet would sell many cars if nobody could test drive them or even look at them first.
  6. Merkava_4

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    There's a store in town called Jensen & Watts. A real nice large show room with waxed vinyl composition tile floor. The place is almost always empty with maybe 1 or 2 commercial Honda 21" mowers and 1 or 2 edgers. They got enough room on the floor to easily stock 200 commercial Hondas if they wanted.
  7. punt66

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    they have to buy them. If they dont have the money..

    MOHUSTLER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    As far as shindy goes, we loved the product, and our distubritor was only 60 miles away from us. So if we needed parts they were here next day and if need be we could drive to them and pick stuff up.

    Now with echo being in the mix, most product lines have been discontuined, or altered to where customers are looking elsewhere. We have switched almost all our customers over to redmax. And id say 99% of them are happy with the switch.
  9. mowerbrad

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    I am very thankful that I now go to the dealer I do. If I had a trimmer breakdown, I could easily get the parts I need, if not I could for sure just buy a new one and be back working in no time.

    I've dealt with dealers with very poor service. Never again will I do that.
  10. ucfbrian

    ucfbrian LawnSite Member
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    As an OPE dealer, it is hard to always carry in stock what the customer is needing. Your best time to find what you want and have the best chance for the dealer to have it in stock is the spring time. That is when the new models have just come out and the dealers are trying to have everything in stock for the lawn guys. There is nothing like starting the season off and having something break and than the dealer not having a replacement in stock. Right now, I am trying to sell off most of my remaining inventory off so I can order and have in stock all of the new models in the spring, but I am also keeping some inventory in stock so I have something to sell. As a dealer, one thing you have to be concerned with in the fall is your year end inventory tax. We have to pay tax on all of our inventory that we have in stock.

    One great thing that I can tell you about Husqvarna on the dealer side as compared to some of the other brands out there, is that they give me 12 months to sell my inventory before I have to pay for it. I tend to keep more in stock because I have longer to sell it before I have to come off of my cash. A lot of other brands out there only give the dealers between 120 and 270 days depending on when they order and how much they order. That will make me able to keep more inventory in stock in the slow season because I know I will have the first part of the season to sell it before it comes due for payment.

    Unless a dealer is selling a lot of collection units and the units fit multiple models, you will rarely see any dealer keeping them in stock due to the fact they are $1700+. What if the dealer did keep them in stock, sold his last model in stock that it fit, and than the manfacturer discontinued the mower and he was stuck with the collection system. Next time, ask your dealer how many obselete parts and accessories he has in stock and you can see why we are hesitant to keep many big expensive parts in stock.

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