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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by zedosix, Jan 27, 2008.

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    A few of you already know I am in the market for a new med. duty truck. I will be having a look at an 05 International 4300 (195hp) with the 466 dt motor, by all sounds of it this is a great motor. It has 125, 000 miles on it, Allison auto tranny, hydraulic brakes, 22.5" lo prof. tires and a 5:57 rear axle ratio. Total gvwr is just under 26,000lb. I have made plans to have the rear axle moved forward to a CA length of 108" and placement of a new dump unit. My thinking is if there is not enough power in this motor, how easy, expensive etc is it to increase the power in the motor. Is it advisable or should I just leave it be. Any thoughts are appreciated.
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    You got your self a good power plant. do not touch any thing on the engine.
    If you can find one with a stander transmission. that is the perfect set up. but that is only my opinion:drinkup:
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    Zedo........I have an older DT466 with 250 hp and there are several things you can do to that motor. You can buy an aftermarket turbo which will add about 25% more torque and hp. You can also "chip" that motor which will give you substantially more hp if you need it. Those little motors are good runners. The one thing I would ask right now is when is the last time it had an overhead? Seems they need to be done about every 50,000 miles.....it is mostly minor adjustments, but really must be done. I have also found that I have to watch my air cleaners, they seem to plug (for me) 3-4 times a year and when they get plugged, you can really notice lack of power.
  4. zedosix

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    I thought they had some way to increase the power without having to go the aftermarket route. I will ask the garage where I am buying it, he used to be an international dealer so I'm sure he will be able to set me up or at least advice on what can be done.
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  6. RockSet N' Grade

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    Check out tsperformance.com. Their plug and play modual for the dt466 has 3 in cab settings and will increase hp 15-30%.
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    That is a low set of gearing. Even though the hp is rather low the gearing may provide all the torque you need. It is good to know that if you want more power you can add it, but I would run it first before adding any thing. The bigger issue may be having a truck that has a top speed of 55 mph before it governs out. Also check to see what the rating is on the Allison before jumping up the power substantially. They are not cheap to rebuild. Your mileage certainly is not going to be great with that low gear ratio. Trucks with that type of gear ratio are usually speced for stop and go delivery type operations that seldom see highway use. Depending on how you plan on using the truck, that might work well for you or not. I would certainly take a lengthy test drive and do it under load if that is possible.
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    Your biggest weak link is the Allison transmision it probably has a input torque that is matched to that engine rating. Now you increase the power the transmission won't handle the power. As for the power out of the 466 is as high as you want to go. With 300hp it should give you 750-800ftlbs of torque.

    I would keep searching for the right sized wheelbase etc spec'ed truck.

    By the time you shorten the wheelbase,make a new driveshaft,make new brakes lines etc you are getting into some money. Then the truck has gearing not really suited for road speed the truck will be topped out at 80km/h.
  9. westcoh

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    I've heard about lots of people who buy a truck like that with the DT466 with 190 HP, and then wonder why it's so underpowered, although I doubt they had a 5:57 ratio either. The good thing is that engine rated for 190hp will probably last you forever.

    Personally, I would probably look for the DT466 with atleast 230hp if you'll be using it as a dump truck.

    Here's one example of someone who ended up with the dt466/190 hp who found it underpowered:

  10. Gravel Rat

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    The automatic will make it feel slow and underpowered especially so with those low gears and low hp. The 466 and 530/570 are probably one of the better medium duty engines out there. The 7.2 Cat isn't that great the 5.9 Cummins is too small the 8.3 Cummins is okay but has problems.

    The only problem with International trucks is they are uglier than sin :laugh:

    The highways dept has a few 7400 single axle plow trucks with 466 Power with 8 spds the trucks are pretty good. The drivers seem to like them they say the 466 is a little underpowered but what do you expect with a 35,000lb gvw truck.

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