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  1. lawnman757

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    I am a little concerned with the power level of my 26 liquid cooled mower, with a 60" deck. The mower seems to bog down when cutting thick grass ( cutting between 3.5 and 4" hieght). The cut looks good other then the power level seeming to fall off. Mower has 5 hrs on it. This bothers me, for the main reason of my jd 757 with a 60" deck, 25 kaw. and 800 hours blows right through it. Is this normal? Should i take it to maybe have the rpms checked or suggestions on what to check? Thanks for your help.
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    I would have your dealer check the engine RPM's, just to make sure they are where they belong.
    How fast are you going when this happens?

  3. lawnman757

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    I am probly at about half speed (7 mph). My fathers 23hp, regular Z with a 60" cuts through the same section without bogging down.
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    I would have those RPM's checked. Or go out and buy a tach and check them yourself.

    They should be at least 3750 rpm "no load".

    That LC 26 just won't have the power a 28EFI or a 30 Kohler will. If all checks out OK, you may just have to deal with it.

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