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    My brother-in-law started a commercial lawn business mainly doing gas stations and commercial strip mall properties that where always swimming in garbage. With just two of us and way to many contracts we worked 16 hours everyday and most of his equipment was junk (he did get a Walker that worked well for vacuuming litter). I like my brother-in-law but he would constantly be on the phone and leave me at sites to finish the job. I know that he was trying his best to start a good business and I appreciate some of the good times we had together but from that experience I do my business completely different. I parted ways with him and started working part-time jobs and on the side I was starting to build up my own clientel with just a Honda civic and a small trailer and a lawnboy mower. I have now a new Jeep Tj and a nice heavy duty trailer with a 36" Ferris ,Lawnboy 21",Stihl trimmer and hedge trimmer. I have been doing an average of 60 residential now for 6 years I enjoy looking for ways to make myself more productive and not having to hire a worker. I know it might seem strange to some but I find the days go buy much quicker and with less stress on my own (my dog comes with me sometimes). I'm hoping that this coming spring I will be able to buy a Wright stander or a larger WB for my larger flat properties. I have a great friendship with many cutters in my area and If I see someone I make an effort to go over and introduce myself. I think my secret to my success as a small business is that I have found a niche market in the size of properties that I do and try to keep a consistent fair price and quality in my work. I know that eventually I will have to try and get some commercial work because my area is becoming more flooded with up an coming cutters and I know that this is the ebb and tide of our changing economic times and hopefully it will get better and I can make it to retirement with some money saved.

    Thanks to this site and I hope that this might help another up an coming cutter in the future

    marty fowler (Blue grass lawncutting) Toronto Canada


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