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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by mopar4u, Jun 12, 2008.

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    17" 32cc weed trimmer
    Neighbor gave me this. I don't think it has many hours on it. I can't get it to start (neither could he). I've been through the carb several times with carb cleaner and compressed air including the removal of the welch plug. I snuck it into the dishwasher once to get some heat applied to it. It has fresh 40:1 gas. Plug has a nice golden brown look to it. the carb is a walbro wt 434

    compression is 100psi
    piston and cylinder look good from exhaust side
    removed the fuel filter temporily just to make sure that was not the problem.

    I stripped this thing down to bear bones and cleaned with carb cleaner and compressed air (removed welch plug, fuel screen, L and H needles, etc). I can get it started by holding the throttle wide open and pulling the starter. It runs good mid and above, but it won't idle on its own. Played with the L and H screws. Maxed out the idle screw. No luck. advice?

  2. zemzabob

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    Yeah toss it in the trash. lol
  3. B&A lawn care

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    Classic symptoms of a crankcase air leak. Crankshaft seals, carb base gasket are a couple common places for leaks. A parts order with shipping will likely total out to the sale prices for new ones. New ones were like $50 at TSC early in the spring. Have fun playing with it but Zemzabob had it about right sorry to say.
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    crank in the fuel line. Since you cleaned the carb, I bet you need to replace the fuel lines.

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