Power Rake and Overseed or Slice Seeding?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by rick1970, Sep 26, 2005.

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    How am I going to get the best results to thicken up a thin lawn? My lawn is about 5500 sq ft and has some bad spots from heat stress and foot traffic from the kids. I live in Indiana my lawn is Kentucky Bluegrass (soded 9yrs ago) and has about a 1/2 inch to a inch of thatch. Would I get better results if I power rake the entire lawn and overseed or would you suggest slice seeding the thin spots or the entire lawn?
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    slitseeding will also remove thatch as well as seed. This is what I would do:

    (1) move the grass low - about 1" - and bag clippings
    (2) Slit seed in two directions - n to s and e to w - with out any seed in the hopper and pick up any thatch on the lawn
    (3) make two passes again with seed in the hopper. If you see a lot more thatch being pulled up, consider making two more passes with out seeding.
    (4) After you seed, apply a starter fert and keep the top 1" of soil moist - water 3x/day about 10 - 15 mins a day.

    Good luck

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