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    when do i start my power-raking in the fall? do i need to wait for the grass to go dormant? i'm in n.e. wyoming and the weekly mowing has gotten down to pretty slim pickins.purchased a power-rake though,to keep my biz going longer than just for the mowing season. also,how do you charge to do a lawn thats power-raked,raked,then mowed?i usually charge 30-35 hr for just my weekly maintenance through the summer.should i raise the price when it comes to the power-raking or what? by the way,its my first year of having my biz,its been goin pretty dern well for me,i'ma woman doin it alone and lovin it!! so can ya help me out here with the power-raking dilema?thanx!
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    Hi, and welcome to LS. First, anytime now is good for your powerraking. Do not wailt for it to go dormant, as the turf gets ealer when it is dormant, and you end up pulling out more good live turf than necessary. The same goes as to why you shouldn't dethatch in the early spring (among other reasons). Fall is always the best time, the grass is well established. I have no idea what the market is like around you, but around here, we get around $15 per M (1000 sq. ft.) for actual dethatching. Now, we DO do rakeovers with the JRCO rake for less than that, but that's not actual dethatching. I hope this helps.
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    Right on Joe,sounds good to me.Looks like I'm powerraking this week!
    Thank you for your help. Geez I love my work!!
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    anybody just aerate in the spring and dethatch in the fall or do both aerate and dethatch in spring and fall ,

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