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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by glowman, Feb 27, 2002.

  1. glowman

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    What method of clean up do most of you use after you rake?
  2. kutnkru

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    After we rake we're finished -LOL!!!

    I use hand rakes to remove the pulled up debris from the turf areas, load tarp after tarp after tarp onto a truck, then have a guy drive it to the dumpsite while the rest of us move on to the next property.
  3. AL Inc

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    We don't power rake in spring anymore, we use the Jrco rake on the front of a 36". I found it doesn't tear the lawn up as much. I run Little Wonder blowers and Echo back packs for cleaning up. We also don't use the tow behind truck loader in spring because there usually isn't much debris. I can dump on site at about 75% of my accounts. Looking forward to getting back to work! Mike
  4. The easy way!!! Forget raking, blowing, etc...use a vac mounted on a mower.



    If they want it hauled of we use this.

  5. MOW ED

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    I don't even own one.

    The Walker spring tines are my rake and the GHS pulls up all the junk. No raking ever. If I have to move debris it gets blown with the Backpack blower.
  6. A Billy Goat Vacuum
  7. If I use the old snapper (kees) flail rake on major thatch I go over it one with a 52" toro (real Toro old style deck) in side discharge mode with single hi lifts, then make a second pass with a jumbo grass gobbler with leaf extension (8+ cu ft).

    If a 46" tine rake is used I can just double cut and side discharge and not have to bag anything.

    They beauty of the Wright metal bagger is that for only $10 you can buy a bracket to fit all your machines. One bag fits my 44, 52, and 62 mower. The frame on the factory Toro bagger is heavy, adds width to the deck, and impairs vision.
  8. Sam Grinold

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    Lawn godfather does your leaf loader load the body above where the dis charge enters the tailgate?
  9. It will fill the whole truck till the tube stops up. That's when I know it's full.

    When you dump it, it comes unclogged on it's own when you start the vac back up.
  10. AL Inc

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    Lawngodfather- Regarding Lazer with vaccuum for spring clean-up, how does the machine handle twigs and matted leaves? I've never owned a machine like that and was curious. Looks like a huge time-saver. By the way, truckloader set-up looks like it really sucks. Mike

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