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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by inHaliburton, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. inHaliburton

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    I have a landscape trailer with one of those steel mesh tailgate ramps that is about 5 feet long and weighs about 100 lbs. My problem is I have torn ligaments and torn bicep muscles in my right arm. The left arm isn't much better, either. It's really painful lifting that ramp many times every day, all season. I'm looking at alternatives.

    I could remove the ramp and buy 2 narrow aluminum ramps, but that would create storage issue because my trailer is short (about 8 feet by about 56" wide). I have a Deere zero turn, and about 2-feet of room behind it for fuel, trimmer, etc. I pull with a Hyundai Santa Fe. I'm also 70-years old.

    Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated!
  2. ghuber09

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    If your 70 years old why are you mowing grass? Just put a gorilla lift or some springs on the gate. You should be able to raise and lower it with 2 fingers if your springs are set right.
  3. inHaliburton

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    Why am I mowing grass? Dumb question, but I like your answer to my question. BECAUSE I NEED THE MONEY. JUST LIKE YOU.

    I also enjoy the work.

    Thanks for those answers. I didn't know you could put springs on the ramp. I woulda done that years ago had I known. Don't know what a Gorilla lift is, but I'll check it out.

  4. tinkerlawn

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    Yeah take it buy a local weld shop/trailer supply shop. They should be able to put some springs on your gate
  5. weaver

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    try something like this. There are alot of them out there. Try Ebay (Tailer gate assist)

  6. G. Ramey

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    I have Gorilla Lifts on my trailer. I think they are four years old and I have not had any problems with them. I actually have to push the gate down and it goes up nice and smooth with a lift from my foot. I will never have a trailer again without them. I think they are less than $200.
  7. inHaliburton

    inHaliburton LawnSite Member
    from Picton
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    Hi fellas, that you very much for your suggestions! I wish I knew about these gizmos years ago. I haven't seen any landscape trailers us here in the Great White North with these devices.
    Regards, Paul.
  8. shepoutside

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    Not easy to find up here. I ended up making my own using a garage door spring. I have seen some posts here over the years about making them.
  9. inHaliburton

    inHaliburton LawnSite Member
    from Picton
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    Hi Shepoutside, my trailer is a "Miska" and manufactured by them in Stoney Creek, near Hamilton, Ontario. Good people to deal with and sell directly to the public, as well as through dealers. Buying direct saves several hundreds of dollars. I see on their website that they sell the "springs" and will talk to them about installing them for me.

    Here's hoping we get another early Spring, eh?
  10. BrandonV

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    If you really need the help whynot get a 12V linear actuator to help out too. you'd want to wire a feed from your truck or a deep cycle battery

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