Power Seeders : Front hopper vs rear hopper?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TurfPro, May 3, 2003.

  1. TurfPro

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    It looks as thought I'll be doing several seeding jobs very soon and have been looking over the rental centers stock. Problem is all they carry are Bluebird power seeders which have a strange design compared to the newer versions. The seed hopper is in FRONT of the blades,all the new seeders I've seen have the hopper BEHIND the blades.
    Do you all see any problems with this design? I'm going to be seeding Bermuda which does not need to be planted any deeper than 1/4" anyway,,so I was somewhat leary of the front hopper setup as I figure it will strike and then bury the seed too deep at times (because of ground contours).Or do you think it will still be better than the old scalping & broadcast method?

    Any thoughts?
  2. TurfPro

    TurfPro LawnSite Member
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    Wow, out of 23 people nobody has an opinion? ;)

    How 'bout this,what kind of power seeders do you prefer and why?
    Thank again
  3. Lohr Equipment & Wel

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    ryan mateway overseeder,best I ever owned or used.
  4. masterpiece1

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    I have only used the ryan and it works great but they are a bit pricey for the amount of time you use them.
  5. seesaw

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    Classen overseeder can also be used as a rake. Classen equipment is great and bulletproof. Much less expensive than the Ryan.

    Home Depot rents Classen. Try b4 you buy???
  6. Lesco renovator is not too bad, I perferr a Mat-A-Way, but I am not going to sell my Lesco for one.

    The box placment shouldn't make much difference.

    I did a Zoysia job with it a few years ago.
  7. TurfPro

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    Thanks everyone,

    LGF, you wouldn't't be concerned about the hopper being in front of the blades? It seemed a little strange that the way this one is set up ,the seed drops onto the ground and then the blades force it into the ground.

    Thanks again
  8. I thought when I first rented a Lesco renovator, it would chop the seed up and it wouldn't grow or work.

    After I used it it did a great job.

    I bought a used one many years ago, still works good.

    I have tried many out there, the Mat-A-Way is still the best, but it's in a league of it's own.

    Think about what you are doing, sctching the dirt so the seed can get in it.

    A buddy uses a powerrake to do the same thing, but he has to rake the seed in after braodcasting it.

    These are 1 step machines.

    Seed drop in front or in back does not matter.

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