Power shortage w/lawnboy


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I have a Lawnboy Gold series 21 self propelled 21" push mower. When the mowing gets a little tough the engine becomes short on power due to low engine RPM's. Is there a way to increase the engine RPM's or advance a governer to get more engine speed and power? It only has two speeds,idle and the operating speed. Is this engine supposed to be governed to increase the RPM's when a load is detected.


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Just above the carb is a plastic wheel with small notches all around it. Just twist this clockwise (I think) and it will allow for higher RPM's and quicker reaction of govoner under load.

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I have one just like yours, and it's a going machine. The above info is correct, but I would suggest that you take it to your LB dealer and let him do it. The reason is, he will put a tach on the engine and get the RPM's set correctly. If you set it too high, the engine could easily shell out and you might not get a warranty claim approved. Better to be safe than sorry.


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Hey B-

Do like dixie said and turn the white disc to increase your rpm's. Then if it would shell turn it down. Odds are you won't get it under warranty because your using it for commercial use. It may say commercial grade engine on it but they won't warranty it for commercial use.

I've run LB's for 15 years and have had only 1 freeze up on me. It was a 196? 19" push mower