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Ok guys I need your input fast because I need to make decision by weekend. Should I buy a very well kept 2000 Ford F-450 Dump Truck 7.3 PS Diesel Dually 4x4 with 30,000 Miles (XLT!!!) for $30,000 (never had a plow)
A new 2004 F-350 XLDually 6.0 Diesel 4x4 Dump for $38,000
Or A 2004 F-350 V10 Dually Dump 4x4 XL for $32000

I don't like the low ground clearance on the Chevy's as I will be plowing lots and would like to put a Salter in the back...I am also scared of the low GVW of the 350's & 3500's ....The 2000 f-450 is a beauty but I don't know if I should pay $30,000 for a truck that is essentially out of warranty but has low miles and looks like it was dumped only a few times!.

Dodge is absolutely out of the questions, also are the TopKicks/Kodiaks because of the lack of 4x4

I know there is a big difference in applications but I would rather be within DOT specs than pushing the limits all the time.

Professional input would be greatly appreciated!


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Whatever you do make sure the engine is checked out by a qualified mechanic. You do not want to lay out that kind of $$ just to find out that the engine has issues. (2000 model)

I just had a new 7.3 installed...$10,000.00...


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I disagree with jblawn, go with the V10 if you are going to buy new because there are alot problems with the new 6.0L diesel. Otherwise go with the F-450 because it has the 7.3L diesel which is a great engine and you should be able to everything you need to with that truck!

PS the topkicks/ kodiaks will be getting 4x4 in about a year


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The 2000 has a 100,000 mile warranty on the motor. Like all their diesels. So you're covered there.

We just got a new 6.0 with the 5 speed auto. It is awesome. The tow/haul feature so far is great. I thought our 2000 7.3 was quick and powerful, it's nothing when compared to the new truck. The motor and tranny combo is tits.

The V10's, well, it's just stupid to spend that kind of money on fuel, even more so with the insane prices going up. I believe the V10's are an upgrade of about half the upgrade cost of a diesel, so at that point you're not too far off from having a great motor. I'd have to double check that fact though. I have heard the new 6.0's have had problems, but not all of them no major re-calls I'm aware of. They've been able to fix any issues that have come up.

After now having the new motor/trans combo the Ford has, it would definitely be worth the risk to get one. I know you would be happy with it. Our truck had some trans problem the first 500 miles. You would put it in drive and it took a couple seconds to engage, yeah, frustrating. I took it back to the dealer at about 100 miles and they re-programmed the computer, or entered a different code, whatever they had to do, and at about 500 miles it was fine. They say the computer is learning the first 500 miles or so. Beats me, but it's fine and shifts smooth, yet aggressive.

You'll be glad you got the new set-up. Go with it!

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I would go with the F-450 4x4 a F-350 is too light for todays standards you run out of legal payload pretty quick. The F-450 should easely handle 5-6000lbs a F-350 4x4 max payload is 4000lbs.

As for the 7.3 PSD I wouldn't be scared of it you shouldn't have any problems. The V-10 is a fuel pig I know guys that are only getting 6-10mpg a F-550 4x4 I know is getting 6mpg regulary and 8mpg on a good day.


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go with the 2004 diesel all the bugs are worked out of the new engine, the 7.3 diesel is a great engine, i know you plow also and it nice to have the warranty on everything not just the engine.Don't even think of the v10 with gas has high as it is. at least diesel is 10 cents cheaper.what dealer are you going to. service is just as important .good luck


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The diesel is the way to go!!! If you are worried about the cost, go to your bank or credit union and they will have the book with all the vehicle values.

My Dad just came from the local GMC dealer and the 4500 and 5500 4 x 4 will be out for this winter, but who wants to be the ginnypig.

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