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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bubenberg, Jun 16, 2001.

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    am the proud owner of a "power trac 425". i am in an area where wet grounds and slopes have caused me to get stock alot. we now have mowed with our power trac machine for 6 weeks and so far we gotr out of any situation where our z-turns would have torn-up the lawn attempting to get out.
    the easy way of changeing from one attachement to the other is childsplay. presently we use a FORK to make loading and unloading very easy.
    48" rough mower, 60" finish mower and the piece de resitance a grappler bucket (what a labor savyor this is).
    we will add more attachement this month: such as stump grinder, aerator (plug version) and the largest bucket for our mulch business.
    in combination with two acerease mowers we mowe in 1.5 hours 11 acres, that includes 20 % sloped hillsides, embankments, beds etc.

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