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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jcoat, Nov 14, 2000.

  1. jcoat

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    I received information today regarding the Power Trac line of "Rugged Utility Vehicles." They appear to be well made with Robin gas engines from 18 - 25 HP and diesels from 30 -65 HP. My question: Has anyone ever used them and are they good for mowing?
    I inquired about the 18/22 HP mowers and they are very different from conventional ZTRs, however the brochure claims 0-8 variable speed. Also, the unit seems like it would do well for landscapers, LMOs, fence builders, etc. (it has 30+ attachments you can connect to the front).
    My interest in these units lies in the Robin engines. I have a 14 year-old Snapper that has one and the engine pulls hard AND starts in <3 pulls since I've had it. Also, Fuji Heavy Industries makes Subaru, Isuzu, Robin, etc. and I've had nothing but good luck with these brands.
    I just thought I'd pass on the information and see what luck you guys have had with this tool.

  2. morturf

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    i have used one and seriously considered one. The thing you would want to be most careful aboutis that the turning radius is no where near that of a ztr. they are very stable on hills and also very versitile. there is a nursery contractor close to me that has 3 of them. He tells me that they are very rugged. The best thing I found about it was that doesn't tear up the grass when using the FEL. Much better than a bobcat. the thing will do just about anything one of those will and more. The man here said to remember, it is a chevy not a cadilac. it is capable and versatile. Hope this helps...
  3. jcoat

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    Appreciate the reply... if I were full-service it would be a consideration.
  4. bubenberg

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    we have been looking at this series for about a year and purchased a 425 this spring.
    we are pulling up to two 57" acerease wing mowers behind (plus a 60" power trac finish mower up front)OR one 48" rough cut mower up front and an acerease rough cut mower on the side.
    our investment has helped us to reduce labor cost and time spent on larger proprties.

    our other attachements are: grappler bucket and fork lift fork
    we also fabricated a fert. spreader attachement for our lesco spreader i aint' walking no more hahahahah
  5. John Gamba

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    Do you still have your power trac?? If so how do you like it??


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