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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Andyinchville2, Aug 14, 2004.

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    I was in the process of buying another weed Eater for our company and was debating on the model to buy. We curently run all Shindaiwa weedeaters and blowers and do 60% weekly mows and 40% every 2 week mows. We have 1, T230 and the rest are t270s, I was thinking that I wanted more power so that I can trim at a very fast walking pace (cant really do that with the 230 on a 2 week job), A 270 will work reasonably well but have to slow down when doing the 2 week jobs.....I have thought of getting the 350 model or even the 450 brushcutter and running string and rigging up a non bicycle grip handle (according to the dealer a stock loop handle from the 350 wont fit the 450....different tube diameters). I was a little worried about the increased weight and (the 350 is about 3 lbs heavier for a .3 hp gain over the 270 and the 450 is a 4 lb gain over the 270 but you get an additional .8 hp over the 270).....I'm thinking 4 lbs for massive power gain sounds great but again was a little worried about weight and having to rig up a non bicycle handle for it ....Any opinions on this?....I'm willing to look at other brands too.....FYI the 270 according to shin specs is 1.5 HP and 12.3 lbs (without cutter head or debris guard).

    PS - Hate to be unrelated but I have had alot of trouble with something else....I am also signed in as Andyinchville but when I changed Internet providers my Email changed and for whatever reason my origonal account wont let me post or search forums...I tried to contact the powers that be for help but no answers...So I had to set up yet another account......Any ideas on how to fix this
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    Who did you contact?
    Anyways, I'm not sure about this. I think you should still be able to post no matter what your new e-mail address is.
    All you need to do when you log in is type in your exact member name, and your password. That's it, and it should work.
    Are you getting some type of error message?
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    t270 is pretty damn powerful. I have been using them forever. I have 2 week properties and I find the t270 is almost too powerful for them. You can dig trenches with the darn things if your not careful.

    Personally, I'm looking for less power. Just got a t260 and am thinking of even going to a t230. I can't imagine a t270 not being able to edge 2 week growth at a walking pace...but, I guess every situation is different.

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