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Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by ztrguy, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. ztrguy

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    from NE FL
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    Anyone that is running a power washing business in an enclosed trailer or box truck....please reply!

    Please let me know how you have your rig setup. How do you eliminate heat inside the box? Do you have any problem with connections leaking and ruining the floor of the box? Anyway to eliminate these problems? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. lawncare18

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    I have seen a company around here with a box truck and they got a little vent pipe going up through the roof venting the exhaust.. they are called mobil fleet wash and wash mainly big trucks and equipment I believe... but somehting I htink you could do well on..
  3. General Landscaping

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    I've seen a custom trailer with a drop gate on the back and a metal roll up door for the celing. Floor was 2X6 for drainage. It looked like a regular enclosed trailer to the casual observer
  4. firecapt13

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    from NC
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    I have a fan hanging in my trailer that keeps all exhaust and fumes out of trailer.
  5. ATL Lawn

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  6. Total.Lawn.Care

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  7. GreenN'Clean

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    I'm thinking of turning my 6 x 12 enclosed trailer into a power wash set up this year
  8. simtur

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    I used to haul around a 6 x 4 enlcosed trailer behind the carpet van. Had a pop up rear door, and two side doors. The hot box was vented trough the roof by way of a chimney.
  9. andrewriffle2005

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    I currently use three set-ups at this time. I have an enclosed trailer, box truck, and flat-bed trailer all loaded with everything needed to do power washing. Your right, heat and exhaust fumes (if running a boiler) are very important items to think about. In our two enclosed units, we runs fans to help keep things cool. We wash over 1700 peices of equipment a month, so filling your water source efficently also has to be something to consider. You need to consider how large you are hoping to get. If you have any questions just ask.
  10. simtur

    simtur LawnSite Member
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    filling up is easy, I just hook straight up to the tap at the customers house.

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