Power Washing Manufactured Homes

Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by kevin16856, Dec 25, 2010.

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    Can you give me an idea what type of equipment would be needed to powerwash 2000 square foot manufactured homes and their driveways in an upscale golf community in Florida? I will be operating this service in addition to a lawn care service. I would like something with it's own trailer, if possible. Thank you very much.
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    My uncle does a lot of power washing, but he uses outdoor bleach and a sprayer more than his washer on homes that have some type of siding. It works wonderfully. Sometimes if it is real dirty you may have to hit a few places twice. Most time you don't have to rinse off. The Bleach is outdoor safe grass/plant safe. It is also safe on the siding (dents and blowing it off). You just put some in the ,sprayer and dilute but not too much. As far as concrete goes just do normal washing.

    HE ALWAYS GETS CUSTOMER'S PERMISSION BEFORE USING THIS METHOD ALSO! Some folk don't like it because of the bleach smell that lingers until a good rain comes along. Some folks also don't like the fact of bleach getting on the grass and plants.

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