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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mdmowerman, Feb 23, 2005.

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    I was thinking of ways to make more $$, while not having to commit to more weekly mowing customers. I am comfortable with the amount of weekly mowing i have and dont want to take on much more. However i was thinking about adding power washing to my services. (i do landscape maintence, not much more really)

    i was thinking about it.... almost everyone out there has a deck, which from my understanding should be powerwashed about every year or 2. also i have a buddy that works selling chemicals to hospitals and such and he has a product that i could use of decks, siding, etc through the power washer. It is suppose to be non-toxic and bio-degrateable, says it wont hurt the plants but you could always plastic nearby bushes if necessary.

    was just thinking of any reason not to buy a powerwasher and go for it???
  2. Scottish LScape

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    Power-washing is a great add on service payup . I have 1 employee during Spring & Summer that just does power-washing about 30hrs a week. We just do decks, walkways, patios & driveways. Also, you can offer re-sealing of decks & re-sanding of paver walkways & patios.
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    i was thinking about adding on re-sealing and whatever else would come with that. however i have a few concerns about that. 1 being that at that point i think it would be considered a 'home improvement', not maintence, creating a need for a home improvement license. and also most importantly is the time in resealing a deck. thats like painting the whole thing. that just seems like a lot of work and not much $ in return. painters in my area well how do i put it... dont speak a drop of english, and everyone knows it.
    i have seen a house where a guy hooked up the sealer/stain to the power washer and it was all over the siding, maybe just an isolated incident?

    also i wouldnt mind some information that expresses the importance of power washing that i could give to the customer or use as a selling point.

  4. op4_camper

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    Don't you have to worry about putting contaminant into the soil? Ether by the detergents, cleaner or residue from the deck or walls.
  5. mdmowerman

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    anybody else????

    the issue about putting contaminats into the soil was one of my concerns. i wanna hear from someoen that knows something about this?

    what if i was to not use any chemicals, just spray water? i dont see any problem w. that but then again there doesnt seem to be too much of a point to power washing w.o a cleaning solution in it.
  6. Carolina Cutter

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    There are several forums just like this one that pertain to just pressure washing. Do a web search and you will find a lot of information.
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    My primary job is pressurewashing, and have moved to adding snow removal, then lastly, lawn care. A full service year round business seemed logical to me! Interesting that you folks are looking the other way..There is lots of money to be made and the chemical issue is not nearly as complicated as the pesticide issues you all face! Biodegradeables available everywhere, they just don't work as well. If you need more info just email me...

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    I tried emailing you but I think you are set up not to accept email messages. I would like to discuss with you about your pressure washing business. Thanks.

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