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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cut-rite, Apr 3, 2001.

  1. cut-rite

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    I am thinking about getting a power weelbarrow to use on some large property's for spring clean up. I could also use it for some of my selective cutting work. The unit I am looking at holds 800 lbs-6hp goes 5 mph made by DRmower co-I know---- homeowner grade. Anyone else use something like this ? Any commercial grade units? Is it worth looking at? I can't justify 6-8 K for a gator,I'm just not that big. Any help would be appreciated, thanks,Brad
  2. Mr.Ziffel

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    If you're using a ZTR you could get a JRCO bin for the front and pull a trailer for a lot less than that DR thing. If you don't have a Z, look at the difference between buying the DR and buying a Z with attachments and see how much more money you can make by upping your productivity with the Z. Personally, I use a Kawasaki mule [in addition to my LazerZ] which is a much better machine than the Gator because 1]higher ground clearance 2]chain drive not belts which slip when wet 3]4 wheel drive can climb a tree 4] cheaper 5]available in diesel this year.
  3. Runner

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    You can also use a walkbehind for that. It would be perfect. A whole monting frame with support bars, and when you are not using it, just pull a couple of pins, and off it comes.
  4. rider1000

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    I have used one of the DR wheelbarrows you are refering to when I was involved in the masonry profession. We abused the thing like crazy and it ran and ran without any major problems. One time it did get a leaking transaxle gasket, took it to a registered repair shop and had it back in two days, no questions asked, great customer service. It is a good piece of equipment. Kind of pricey though unless you plan on using it to do a lot of work. If you have a definite need for it, I wouldn't hesitate recommending one.
  5. cut-rite

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    Mr ziffel and runner , thanks , I do have a Z and a walk behind but neither is any good in rough terain like for selective cutting . Has anyone used any units like these off the beaten path?
  6. landscaper3

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    JRCO also has a wheel barrow attachment for walkbehind mowers!

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