power windows and seats.


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on a 84 1/2 ton. what trouble will I get into installing
p/w and pdl on a truck with roll up window and no pdl.
any idea on who make a good kit or do i have to buy every thing from a salvage yard. also what do I need to install late model seat in my 84. thanks


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I hope that you are willing and have the experience to gut the doors and wire everything....I have two trucks a 82chevy and a 85GMC my GMC is loaded(sierra classic) the Chevy is as plain as it gets (Scottsdale)....I have seen and worked on the inside of the doors on both trucks I believe your biggest problem if you are a shadetree mechanic is figuring out the positioning of the power window motor and lock mechanisims without the diagram or use of a model door....maybe that is where a scrap yard door would be handy... I do believe all doors on all models are made with all possible option holes already in them so it shouldnt require any drilling to the best of my knowledge. I have seen the kits in JC Whitney for sure and maybe LMC Truck..if possble buy a setup made specifically for your truck, not just a general setup for any vehicle...Thats probably your best bet because if you were to pull used parts you will probably spend lots of time trouble shooting(trying to figure if it has faulty wiring or faulty accesories)...as far as seat, bucket seats should bolt up with little effort May have to drill and extra set of holes. I have seen this done in many trucks...power seats ...hum....really sounds custom...its all possible just sounds like you have quite a task on your hands. Best of luck!

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