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    I just ordered a Powerchute for a Lazer w/Ultracut deck. I would like to know the best method(s) for securing the wires to the deck, to avoid them being in the way. Does anyone have pictures of securing methods and/or what you used...

    Also have most of you wired it directly to the battery, or the switch?

  2. kaferhaus

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    wait until it gets there and use their great instruction sheet that comes with it.

    If that doesn't work call them on the phone and have them walk you through the installation.

    For the price they should come install it for you.
  3. mjealey

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    The instalation is easy. I ran the wire right into the battery. I have the foot pedal. I really like it. Saves time around walkways or flower beds. It is easy concealing the wires. You could also cut the wires and make them the length they need to be.
  4. dwost

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    I just installed mine (havn't used it yet) but I ended up modding the wiring. I installed my pedal in the back as I didn't want to keep kicking it. This posed a small problem as the foot platform lifts from the back. What did I do to remedy this so I won't have to unscrew it every time I lift the platform? Simple, went to Tractor Supply and bought at 6 wire quick connect for wiring a trailer (really only need a 4 wire) Cut the two large wires, spliced them in and WALLA I now have a quick disconnect for the foot pedal. I'll snap a pic of it for you to check out. Total cost, $6 :)
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    Why are you knocking Power Chute. They have a great product and I own two of them. I wouldn't mow without them. So unless you can back up your comments, then your comments are useless.
  6. DLCS

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  7. dwost

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    Here is the quick disconnect I installed on the powerchute. Works great!




  8. Power Chute Design

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    Very Nice! Actually most Scag owners do put them to the back side as well and run them with their heel. Not sure why. Like Grasshopper owners are big on getting the toggle switches on their riders instead of the foot controller.
  9. Jason Rose

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    I also mounted my foot switch in the rear. I thought I came up with an original idea! I guess others do the same thing. Luckily my floor pan flips up in the front, so my wires didn't have to be cut. I used some loop type insulated wire holders to secure the wire to the sheet metal where it passes under the seat area, and zip ties elsewhere.

    I haven't used mine yet either. Just now got all my lawns mowed off one time bagging 100%. and now waiting for things to GROW! I may try out the PC tomorrow, just noticed tonight that a comm. property that I mowed off about 2+ weeks ago was rather tall already!

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