Powered weelbarrows?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Green Pastures, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Green Pastures

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    I'm bidding a fairly large gravel job and another pea gravel job on the same site.

    I thought about renting something to help with moving the almost 60 tons of material. I have a Cat 257B to load the wheelbarrows but the Cat is to wide for the path I'm putting the gravel on. The gravel will have to be put in place with wheelbarrows or something of similar size.

    Looked at the Georgia buggies the concrete guys use but they don’t look to be very well suited to off road use.

    I thought there would be enough labor cost in this job to buy a piece of equipment and save on manual labor and still be able to find uses for the equipment on later jobs.

    This thing looks like it works great, is cheap compared to the larger Georgia buggies and is warranted for 2 years and looks very well suited to off road use.

    Anybody have one?


  2. PlatinumLandCon

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    Wow that thing looks very versatile. With a plow and drop salter it makes for a killer year-round unit. A Honda powered 4x4 is hard to beat. I'm going to look into pricing, it seems interesting.
  3. east sooke man

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    I picked up a grillo power wheelbarrow on tracks and for hills and long hauls it can't be beat.The one I got has a hydraulic dump and I got it out of oregon. It is their largest model, has a 9 hp Robin and I haven't had any problems in 3 years.
  4. GravelyNut

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    Weak link in the whole thing might be the tranny. Peerless geared unit.
    Muck buggies have been around for a long time. Gravely even made a unit for on the front of their 2-wheelers back in the 60's. Here's a two wheeler with a higher capacity.
  5. hardscaper

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  6. Bigred350

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    What about a boxer or dingo. Yes they cost a little more but they also have about 50 more uses than a wheelbarrow.
  7. JNyz

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    I would just rent something small you could get in there and keep your money in your pocket.
  8. Green Pastures

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  9. Airwave

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    I am in Ireland we have been using muck trucks now for over 3 years. Currently have 4 of them. Have found them very reliable if cared for. Belt is the only thing that has failed on them but that is just wear and tear we carry spares and replace them in 15mins. Engines have got better especially the last two which we purchased last year quiter and seem more suited then previous model. If you have any other questions let me know.

    Longfield Landscaping
  10. jbailey52

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    what are we talking price wise? Also how fast do they move?

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