Powerstroke 7.3 ?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Mowman, Nov 14, 2001.

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    Have never drove anything but gas. I know what to look for and to listen for. Can anyone tell me what I should look for when checking out a diesel? How much oil pressure should they carry?
    Also could you tell me how much a 1990 F250 w/ 7.3 PSD should sell for? Truck is in excellent condtion with 139,000k. Also has an Automatic Trans. New tires. They are asking $2350.00 for it. Is this a good price? Please let me know your thoughts, good or bad.


  2. justractors

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    Are you sure this is a power stroke diesel?
    I was under the impression that Ford did not start calling them PSD until they put the turbocharger on them in 1993.
    In my part of the country even the 1990 7.3 non-turbo would be worth $5000 in good shape with the miles that low.
    Go to http://www.carpoint.com and you will be able to look up both the retail and trade in price for this vehicle and all the others.
    These trucks normally run about 30+ pounds of oil pressure at idle if the engine is in good condition and 50+ at full throttle.
    Even without the turbo the engine was much better than the one it replaced and the old Chevy diesel could not out power it on it's best day.
    It would probably meet your or my needs much better than the mid 70s Chevy you were inquiring about earlier.
  3. John DiMartino

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    If its a 90,it isnt a PSD,it is a 7.3 IDI.Not a bad engine,but you wasnt ot see how much of a leaker it is,leaks cost lots to fix on them,the engine packaging couls be better.You also want to be there for its first start of the day,a rough cold start is an indication of bad ,injectors,glow plugs,or glow plug controller,all of which these engines tend to have a little trouble with when they get older/high miles.With a 90,dont expect the super puling power the newer ones deliver,it isnt a turbo,so the power isnt qiute what a new ohas,but it is plenty adequete,and in its day,it was strong,right behind the old 160hp Cummins as far as power goes.

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