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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by MidAtlantic, Nov 15, 2004.

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    I was wondering if anybody knew were to get replacement or rebuilt automatic transmissions for 99-2003 ford f350's with powerstroke engins????? And while we are at it where can I find some inexpensive allison 545 transmissions for IHC 4700's

    How much have you paid to get your trans replaced????
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    I just replaced a F-250 tranny in a tritonV8, 92500 miles. Don,t know if it the same probably not. $2610.98 total.New out the box. Thank the Lord for extended warrantys. $58.10 my part. Is this something Ford has a problem with on a regular basis ?

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    At present, Ford has another redesigned tranny. The good vs bad I have heard is evenly balanced.

    From the discontuation of the C-6 3 speed auto, until the introduction of this new 5 speed Torqueshift, Ford trannies were of the worst in the industry, rigth next to Dodge/Chrysler. So bad, that if you get a used F-250-350 or 450, and it happenes to have the E-4OD or that other glorified piece of garbage they ran with, your extended warrantee will cost you $3,200.00, because they know the tranny is going to blow, and they want to cover thier buts over it.

    I am cautiously optimistic for Ford about thier newly designed tranny. And am anxious to hear from some of the snow plowers after 4 or 5 seasons how they are holding up.

    You most likely won't find a cheap AT 545 either. They are a pretty reliable model, but your Goodwrench exchange rebuilts are going to set you back 4K give or take the change.

    The issue with all trannies is not so much the labor, it is the elctronic crap installed in them that fails. I could sight on and on about it, but some classic examples are overdrive units with the wiring harnesses integrated into the unit. Where they could make the wiring harness interchangable, the OD rarely fails, but, in order to replace the wiring, you have to buy a whole new unit for $400.00 plus. Labor is the least of it. the manufacturers made things so you either weight out the cost of replacement, vs buying new, when they easily could have made things so you got good replacement parts for a rreasonable price, and kept driving your truck.
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    The Torqshift is awesome--it has no major problems like its predecessors have had. It doesn't have the solenoid issues the Allisons have either.

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