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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by draftlawncare, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. Tevi

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    I've had a chip in my truck from day one.I now have 201k on the old 99.I've upgraded my chip 3 times.The problem is when you start tweaking it you run it harder cause it's fun.I reccomend an aftermarket exhaust/chip/amsoil air filter/gauge package.If you you want to spend some real extra money get a ball bearing turbo and a Brians transmission.My mileage ranges anywhere from 12 to 17 depending on the load
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    Realistically you should get mid to upper teens w/ a 3:73 and 6 speed. Maybe a little higher, maybe not.
    As for the chip, earlier posts are correct, diesels are easy to make performance mods to, and almost any performance mod will increase the mileage (as long as you can keep your foot out of it). The computer is well worth the money on any of the big 3 diesels. Just be sure that you don't exceed the capabilities of the rest of the drive train. I'm personally not a Ford man, but if that's what you like it should do you well. If you're looking at a used one, be sure to check the glow plugs/relay, and make sure it doesn't have the dual mass flywheel (I'm not sure what years they used those other than '97, but they were junk).
    Enjoy the new truck - once you finally get it!
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    i think i could live with 12-17 mpg since i am only getting 9 -10 now still stuck between which truck to get dodge or ford that dodge runs like a mo- fo and thats coming from a ford man
  4. Randy J

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    Well, my personal opinion is get the Dodge - and I've owned both Ford & a Dodge. Both Ford & GM are diesels that are tuned more like a gas engine - they tend to have torque at higher RPM's vs. the Dodge's/Cummins flatter torque curve. And torque is what's going to get the work done for you - the more torque the lower in the RPM curve, the better. I won't dispute both Ford & GM being fine trucks, but for me, the more "big-truck" like diesel engine in the Dodge is where it's at. I would recommend staying away from the automatic in any of them - unless you go with a new Dodge (not sure about the new Ford or GM/Allison trannys). They have a harder time with all the torque, and they are expensive to repair. Plus you'll get better mileage out of the manual. You should see 17mpg+ easy in the Dodge without a trailer, at least 12 - 14 w/ a trailer.

  5. Tevi

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    I own a Dodge/GMC/Ford.The Ford has held up alot better.I'm talking interior/door latches etc.My Ford is also more comfortable.Ford also sells twice as many diesels as everyone else.That says alot.Other trucks may run like a beaten dag but they won't hold up in the long run.My truck has been run hard and fast for over 200k and still looks and runs pretty good.The problem I had with Dodge is no 4 door and it's to noisy.I love the sound but over aperiod of time it wears on you.
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    My 95 powerstroke F450 with 219k miles, 4:88s, all stock and original, auto tranny pulling 10,000lbs everyday gets 12mpg, in the mountains, and I can buy parts cheap all day, if I needed them.
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    2000, f250, extended cab, short bed, auto, 3.73. 19mpg empty on the highway, about 17mpg around town, 14.9 on a recent fishing trip pulling my 4500lbs boat. Gearing make a big difference. All superduty duallies have 4.10 they wont due quit as well. Yes, all the big three will respond to chips/tuners very well. Really the only thing that limits power is you wallet. If you chip it make sure you have gauges, especially an egt gauge. Bad things happen when you get over 1300 deg. pre-turbo.
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    To consider the differences in each, you need to take into consideration the year. Each one seems to have different problems each year.

    The older Ford 7.3 seemed to be a good engine but those models had tranny and injector problems with hp mods(chips). The Ford 6.0 has really been a disaster for them initially. Havent heard if they have the bugs worked out yet. Dodge had problems with their auto trannies in the pre '03 models, and have improved it vastly in their 03 and 04 models, the 6 speed Dodges have always been awsome. I have been hearing some complaints from the 03 and 04 chevy injectors. Dodge 04.5 (the 600hp model) had some initial mpg problems that they are supposed to have fixed(??). So as you can see, they all have different problems.

    This info I got mostly from my coworker who also has a diesel performance shop, and from the diesel web sites. I recommend checking these sites out, you can get some very detailed and expert advise on them.

    I personally have an 02 dodge 5 speed and love it, with no mods I get 19-21 mpg empty and more power than I need. My only regret is not getting the 6 speed and the 4 wheel drive.

    Good luck,
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    i am not seeing anywhere near 14-19 mpg on my 02 powerstoke 6speed 4x4 ext cab this truck is a hog only pulling arond 2000lbs anybody know what size fuel tank the 02 model has? its a single tank ,also anybody have any tricks to get more mpg out of these trucks oh btw i went with the powerstroke, the dodge had some transmission noise to bad though that truck runs balls out i liked the cummings but not enough to buy a dodge to get one
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    I have owned all three types of Diesels. I like the Dodge Cummins Diesel. I have 2 right now and 1 has over 630k and still gets around 22mpg. Dodge seems to get better all around fuel mileage plus they are only an Inline 6 cylinder which makes it have alot of low end torque. If you buy a dodge I would look at a 5spd or 6 spd I have had alot of trouble with the Automatics. You can buy a superchips Micro tunner for all 3 brands and yes they really do make a big diffrence. They start around $300 and the best place to buy them I think is Ebay.

    Hope this helps,



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