powerstroke fuel mileage

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by draftlawncare, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. perfectlawncare

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    Try a K&N airfilter plus the Micro Tuner from super chips. It will run like a scalded ape plus give you alittle better fuel milage if you keep your foot out of it. Any questions you might have about your truck you might want to go on www.Piersdiesel.com

    Good luck,

  2. Tevi

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    A 02 tank should be 38gal.Better mileage should come from an Amsoil air filter bigger exhaust switching to synthetic in everything and a chip.Check out www.thedieselstop.com
  3. ScotLawn

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    My 03 6.0 Crew Cab F250 4x4 got 19mpg on the road with just 4k miles on it. Don't tell me that ford's fuel mileage sucks compaired to chevy or dodge. They are ALL about the same. You dog it, the mileage sucks. you are easy on it, it's better. you take a 4x4, raise it up and put larger tires on it, fuel mileage sucks. you pull a trailer, it will go down too. right now I'm estimating about 13-15 in the city with mine. I have 35" tires now and my spedo is a little off. 4mph at 70 to be exact.

    Now the 7.3 will get good fuel mileage too. I've heard of 22-23 on the road in a CREW CAB 4x4.

    It all goes down to what was said eariler. find a year model where NO Mfg had a problem with their diesel motor and pick what body you want. They all pull hard and will last IF you take care of it.

    Chips will help alot. some motors respond better than others. my 6.0 responds to chips better than the 7.3 ever thought of. Stock i can beat a slightly chiped 7.3. Check out Edge chips. they did their own testing on the durmax, cummins, 7.3 power stroke, and 6.0 and show graphs of EACH motor's torque and hp numbers. out of all the 6.0 responded better with the chip but just a hair.

    So, choose a year with a known good diesel and then choose your body you want. Ford, chevy, dodge. Personal preferance.

  4. blafleur

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    Diesel's seem to be very individualistic. You can take the same year model and options, and your hp and mileage will differ some stock. Put the same mods on each, and you will get slightly different results. My coworker who has a diesel performance shop has a money back guarantee on the mileage increase on his programmers, so that says something. One friend with a duramax got 4 mpg increase, others I have talked to have had a power increase but not a mpg increase, still others have actually had mpg go down. Undoubtedly it very much depends on the weight of each persons foot.

    To make a short story long, I guess I am trying to say you wont get a pat anwer to any questions on diesels. You will find a die hard fan for each, and each have good points and bad. There have been lemons from each company. You definately will get a power increase with a chip/programmer, and more than likely an mpg increase. I personally tow 13000 very easily with stock except for Amsoil air filter and fluids.

    Good luck,
  5. Randy J

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    The Amsoil Bryan references made about as much difference as anything in mine. I increased my mileage by about 1.5mpg by the time I had switched all fluids over to synthetic.
  6. blafleur

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    I didnt notice a mpg increase, but the turbo definately spools up quicker with the amsoil air filter, and I just feel better with the synthetic fluids.

  7. lwcmattlifter

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    I get 16-19 with my 97 supercab 4x4 Powerstroke. Check out Thedieselstop.com they can help you with any powerstroke question better than anyone.
  8. clydesdale

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    I dont understand the psd bashing here. My crewcab 7.3 6spd gets 16 in town and 18.5 on the highway. That sounds fine to me. I often here about mileage lies all the time. So many people get 20 with this truck or that truck and then you talk to the next guy and he gets 17. From what i understand the 6.0 gets about the same as the 7.3, the new cummins 600 gets less, around 15 town and the duramax is doing real well with high teens. Just pick the one you like, they all have strength and weaknesses. I like the duramax motor, but the truck is too soft for me. I have talked to MANY people who own both a d-max and a psd and they say bottom line....the d-max is great for giving estimates and taking the family out, or towing an rv, but for work, plowing and toughness, the ford or dodge have it beat. It all depends what you want.
  9. ProMo

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    my dodge was getting 9 mpg when I bought it. The fuel filter was clogged now im getting 23 hwy 12 pulling enclosed trailer
  10. kbenvironmental

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    99 F-350 7.3L HD quad-cab 4x4 LB 4.11 rear, Reading utility box bed with 4'x8' boxes fully loaded with tools and parts, 103,000mi and averaging 15 in town, 18 highway for the past year when I drive nice.

    One of the other engineers bought an 04 F-250 and is averaging 24 hwy. My cousing bought an 04 Dodge 2500 quad-cab SB 4x4 and that thing has much more kick that mine. Well....at least for now.

    So should I expect problems with the injectors if I install a Banks system or an Edge system?

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