powerstroke fuel mileage

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by draftlawncare, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. amw

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    99 PDS 4x4 i get betwwen 12-20mpg depending on trailer/no trailer, my foot, the temp outside (can make a big dif!), city/highway, ect..

    i have a chip (110hp)
    4 1/2 inch exaust.

    (the air temp outside can make a big dif., if the engine isnt at temp. then its not running effeciently... so it will burn more fuel, this is why you see semi's with the covers over their grills.)

    with out a cover, in the winter i get 9-11 mpg, with a cover i get 13 (with 3000+lbs of salt + spreader and plow, ect..) all winter.

    quick trips (start drive 2 miles shut off) use alot of fuel.
    its most expensive to START your truck and to get to your speed your going to stay at, once you reach your speed a diesel engine uses hardly any fuel to stay at that speed, the things that would change this would be..
    a change in grade (an incline)
    head wind (wind comeing at you)

    (a 7.3L PSD uses 1/8gal per hour to idle, THIS IS STOCK)

    I have worked for ford and gmc and they both make a good truck.
    im not a big fan of dodge but they make a good truck too.
    But they all have their flaws and +'s.
    one thing i dont like about the duramax is alum. heads, IMO this wasnt a smart move.
    the new fords (6.0L) have had ongoing prob. with the computers programing, i know a few poeople who have had to get reprogramed 5+ times and they still run like sh*t.
    and well i already said i dont like dodge, so i will leave that one alone.

    Buy what you can afford. Buy based on your experance..
    ie if you hate a particular car company .... Dont buy from them. buy from a dealer who you like..
    and who has Great service...Unless you plan on doing your own work. (i wouldnt sugest this unless you know diesels, you could make it cost alot more $!)

    hope this helps someone out.
  2. sdwally

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    I just bought an 04 F350 crew cab 4x4 a few months ago. Short trips and around town I get about 14mpg, on the highway about 19mpg. As a stock truck.
    About a week ago I had a 4" exhaust install and immediately notice a huge performance boost. What the shop and I thought was a resonance chamber, turned out to be a catalytic convertor. I was shocked, it also was mounted way back in the exhaust system. Besides that I still get about the same mpg around town and it seem to increase highway mpg to 20-21mpg. Haven't really loaded it down yet for a long haul.
    The earlier 6.0 PS had a crank problem, but that has been fixed.
  3. shortgut

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    I have a 99 F 250 superduty with six speed and pulling a 16 ft duel axle trailer with a Kubota Zd 18-54 and a Scag Saber Tooth tiger with a 72" deck I do not go over 15 mile radius and my fuel average is in the 12 to 13 mpg range the empty weigth of the trailer is 3600lbs before i put all my other stuff in including the mowers hope this helps you
  4. txlawnking

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    My 82' chevy 1/2 ton with the six deuce, 700r4 ( that doesn't lock up right now, need to fix) and 3.08 gears, and has 168k miles, get's 20-23 unloaded, and about 15-17 pulling my 6x12' enclosed 2800 lb trailer at 65 mph. If I would get off my lazy butt and fix the converter lock up problem, it will get 25-27 highway, no bs. Just really wish it was Turbo...Some day it will be after a restoration..
  5. drmiller100

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    99 ps crew cab short bed with shell. Empty at 82 it got 17 or 18 from denver to boise. filled in colorado springs.

    pulling 3400 pound 2 axle trailer with almost anything on it it gets 14ish.
    Pulling the 8 foot tall interior height by 8 foot wide square front trailer that weighs 5000 pounds it has gotten as low as 10. that was climbing a big hill and passing a LOT of folks.
    K*N air filter, superchips. The superchips I thought gave same mileage from stock to medium. In race mode it makes a LOT more smoke, and gets better mileage.
    I've got a built 454 in a 'burban. Empty, driving comparable to the smoke wagon, the burban got 10 empty, 6 loaded with a trailer. The 'burban will flat run away and hide from the smoke wagon, but gets a hair over half the mileage.
    I've got a 6 speed. It absolutely SUCKS around town. juggling cell phone writing messages and shifting gears while towing is too much.
    For auto, dodge really and totally sucks. ford auto is pretty good. chevy allison is great, previous trannies totally sucked.
  6. blublazes

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    I have a 2001 F-250 psd, it is a 6 speed with 3.73 gears, i pull around 3,000lbs when i have the trailer, i get what most of these guys have said in the 12-14 mpg range, but without the trailer i get around 17. I have a 75hp chip with bigger exhaust and larger intake, in my opinion, with the chip, if u dont drive like you have some sense, you wont see very good fuel mileage, but if u drive like normal, like i try to do, then you shouldnt see much difference from a stock one, but i wouldnt say that it will be any better either, just depends on your right foot!

  7. kc2006

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    my 96 4x4 gets about 14 around town with no trailer. i need to change the fuel filter and get some diesel kleen and I should be up around 17 or 18 around town (all my friends with strokes are getting that). I also have 4.10 gears and a automatic tranny
  8. Gilla Gorilla

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    Are any of you running the Diablo Sport Predator performance tuner. It has four different stages and from what I hear it is pretty trick.

    Check out this tuner and see what you all think.
    I used to work with a guy at the dealership that is getting this unit for me for $320.00 and it usually retails for $450.00.

  9. Cracker

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    Speaking from 1st hand experience

    Duramax is a dog of an engine, way to under powered.

    power stroke is the only way to go.

    my .02 worth
  10. SWD

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    I run a '97 F350 dually crew cab powerstroke with the auto and 4:10 rear end.
    Before I changed the turbo down tube, exhaust and programming, I was getting about 11 loaded and 14-15 empty. And Yes, it was slow.
    Once I changed the downtube, put on a 4" unrestricted exhaust system and reprogrammed, the mileage loaded went to 14 and empty about 18.5 to 22. The variation in the empty mileage is due to how fast I was going. At 70 to about 80 I got around 22. Beyond 80 the mileage dropped fast.
    What I found as a problem in my F350 was the automatic tranny. In 148K miles I'm on my 3rd one. The 2nd went out after 19K miles. This really pissed the fuel away.
    I won't bore or horrify people with my experience at the local Ford house. Suffice to say Ford Dearborn got involved and I have no more warranty issues. Funny thing is though, I bought the truck used from the local dealer, they KNEW I was going to buy a second one, and STILL they tried to screw me on the warranty repair. Well, it's their loss, not mine.

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