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    How much PPE do you guys wear on the job? Some of the things I'm being taught now to wear is alot. I can understand when spraying over head on large ornamentals, but for you Turf guys, how much PPE do you really wear?
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    It really depends on the equipment used and the conditions. Actually, whether you are pulling hose getting it on you, or riding a ride on spreader - not getting any on you, we are still required to wear long sleeves, gloves, and chemical resistant foot wear. The difference with a ride-on is that we are not required to wear shin high boots. Safety glasses of sheild should always be worn when refilling, and of course an apron when mixing a tank. The majority of the ppe comes with the mixing. It is then, when we are handling the raw materials that they are the most toxic. We are handling concentrations that no homeowner will ever experience.
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    Putting out pre em right now. I wear my pants tucked in my boots, gloves, long sleeves, and glasses.
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    I am probably the only one that wears a respirator when applying granular pesticides on my z spray. I see the light covering of dust that accumulates just below my hand controls and figure that it is also reaching my breathing space. I don't wear it 100 percent of the time, but more than not. Its a bit of a pain, and looks goofy, but my lungs are worth it. I tried using a respirator with safety glasses, but the glasses fogged up. I switched to a full face one that keeps the dust out of my eyes and lungs. Say what you will but after a day of spraying super trimec, I am no longer blowing red boogers.
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    They changed it a few years back that you can wear short sleeves if you carry waterless hand cleaner and paper towels. I forget what section of the law off the top of my head, but it's in there. I ran across it while looking something else up.:drinkup:

    Disclaimer: this is for Michigan. Not sure for other states.
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    PPE is what ever the LABEL says. Do NOT tuck your pants into your boots! PPE is to be worn throughout the mixing and application process, depending upon the LABEL. The Label is FEDERAL LAW, FIFRA act of 1971.
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