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Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by Blueflashturf, Aug 8, 2007.

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    I manage my high schools football field. So far it is in good condition. I talk with the coach daily and he recently expressed his plans to practice on the playing field. How can I keep this field in top shape , so that when people come to games they dont think I aint doin my job. I already have it set on a deep irrigation routine as well as cutting and sweeping 2-3 times a week. The turf is common bermuda. Also, there are a few places that are getting parched even with sprinklers , what should I do, Hand water, set that zone for longer.... any help is greatly appreciated.

    Hunter C.
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    most high schools here have a practice field, and you are not alone people do not understand taht athletic fields need recovery time. high school students are young men they will chew up the turf between the hash marks. i have a university here that i sell product to and the powers to be always rent the fields out drive the super crazy. last year the soccer coach asked me how i thought the field would look after the play the lacrosse tourney (they play 2 -3 sideways on the field) i told him to take a good look now because it willn't get any better than now.
    one thing you can try is to ask the coach if he's going to do any condition (sprints,sleds etc...) do off the playing field
    what's your watering sch now
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    Thanks for that insight... I , up until last year, was one of those guys ripping up the turf however I did the field as well. We have a practice field, that was used up until last year. It isnt too bad but the coach says it is too hard and all. We used to joke saying it made the longest yard look good! My watering schedule is set on saturday and wednesday @ 7 am and 1 pm there is 12 diff heads I guess you would call those zones and They run 25 min's a piece. I have rainbird falcon 6504's. Also on the ends the irrigation isnt running only about a 10 ft spray vs a 50ish foot spray... any advice? I keep it cut pretty low also, our first game is this friday so I plan to live on it anyways... any help is greatly appreciated. Bein a 17yr old I am still learnin...Thanks
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    Try a wetting agent This may help if your soil has any compaction

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