Praise for James and a warning on fixture choice!

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by BrandonV, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. BrandonV

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    Guys I bought 6 of james' (led direct or whatnot) mr16 bulbs about a month ago to install at my estimator's home. We had some huge oaks to downlight out of. Being that budget was a bit of a concern I didn't get to use the copper moon tree light that I wanted to (she knows the prices as you might imagine) so I ordered some of the downlights from landscape lighting world, a good value-price fixture in my opinion. You can imagine my dismay when the bulbs wouldn't fit!!! Just a smidgen too short to get the housing closed all the way. Well I had to drop back and punt and luckly had some alliance dl100s/dl200s and my one coppermoon tree light (officially my favorite downlight now) The led did fit in those, but of course the dl100s shroud is a bit shorter than what I would want but got it done in time for the surprise (didn't tell when I was doing it)

    On to the praise... the bulb color was awesome, James you did good. Love the look and the spread was great from where we put them.

  2. niteliters

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    love our ladder :)
  3. BrandonV

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    Lives about 2 miles from the nursery... the heck with ladders.
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  4. Prolightscaper

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    You should put some 4X8 sheets of plywood down before so you don't make indents in the lawn
  5. BrandonV

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    Didn't ground is hard as a rock. I have a set of. Alturnamats, much better than plywood.
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  6. Alan B

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    Quick note... We have longer body versions of the Top Dog and Top Dog Down Light in stock, specifically to accommodate LEDS that can be a little longer. Sorry you would not have known that because its not posted anywhere on our website. We've had them for about 4 months in prep for us carrying LEDs lamps in the future.

    Back to the topic... in addition to the nice results of James LEDs, I can attest to the fact that in our testing they ran at a nice, very cool operating temp which is important for applications in sealed outdoor fixtures. Well done and keep up the good work!


  7. Illumicare

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    Thanks Alan. I know that our LED MR16 lamps are the coolest running on the market today, because they were designed to be! They are also uniquely designed to operate in moist environments. Our new, brighter 35w equivalent is in final testing stages and we plan to put it into production soon. It will be the coolest operating 350+ Lumen LED MR16 on the market too.

    Our new miniature line is amazing... I have been bench testing the products here for almost a month now (we are developing a whole new website, corp. identity, branding, marketing materials, hiring new people, training distribution, etc etc.) and they are consistant, stable, warm white, and cool running! A total game changer in the realm of miniature LED lamps!

    Stay tuned.....
  8. BrandonV

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    My dumb luck :)
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