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    Hey guys, I have an account that has xeriscaped rock beds that should not have vegetation in them. I have applied round up about every 2 months and it takes care of the weeds for a time, but they come back. We are very careful to not blow clippings into the rock beds, however we do live in West Texas where the wind blows all the time, so I understand crap will blow in the beds no matter what. I was looking for something that possibly was a pre and post emergent in one and I found Pramitol. According to my local dealer it sterilizes the soil, making it so NOTHING will grow. But, on the website for the product it does not mention anything of soil sterilization, and states the product interrupts the photosynthesis cycle, killing the plant.
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    That stuff works well it all depends on the area and what is growing near it if i would use it. I do use it but 99% of the time it is just for weeds in cracks in parking lots or industrial areas for fence lines.

    I would probably use a peremergent with the glyphosate.

    That does work well but one screw up can't be fixed.
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    I assure you that it is a soil sterilizer and after you spray,nothing will grow there for a year or longer, read the directions and mix appropriately, do not go heavy, 2 lighter applications are better than 1 heavy that causes runoff.
  4. Think Green

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    1. Is there geotextiles under the rocks?
    2. Is there active irrigation?

    The reason I ask is because the geotextiles will effect the herbicide performance. Irrigation will regulate how long certain products works.

    I use Glyphoste in beds of customers who want repeat applications.......weekly maintenance. Fusilade II is used also to control some of the troublesome grassy weeds.
    Glyphoste isn't going to stick around long as a pre or post emerge. It is a growth regulator will killing potential.

    If there is not geotextile material under these rocks, then consider using Pendimethalin(Pre-M), Prodiamine(Barricade), Snapshot G(Treflan-Isoxaben) or Freehand. The first two chems mentioned is in liquid form and the later two is granular. I almost forgot clethodim for grassy weeds and broadleaf.
    For my accounts that prefer non repeat efforts, I use the granular but be assured that grassy weed control will need to be done on two week intervals at least.

    As far as using pramitol, spike, tebuthiuron,etc. These sterilants can become water mobile and move offsite to desirable areas. I wouldn't chance the outcome.
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    I truly appreciate learning information like this.

    I have a gravel driveway at my personal house that the weeds love. The big jug of Quickpro wasnt working. Im getting ready to apply Pro-Duece now. I was looking for the same cure on customers' gravel drives as well.
  6. chobbs1957

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    There is also a granular formulation of Pramitol available.

    The area needs to be weed free or have young weeds, as it needs to make it to the ground.
  7. Think Green

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    Gravel drive areas that is well trodden will produce new weeds whether you have a product down or not. A barrier--If you will is created on the soil surface. Driving on these areas will permeate that barrier in time. You will need to reapply whatever product you choose............but do not put pramitol down if you have desirable plants and trees nearby.
  8. zimmatic

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    mojave 75dg great sterilant use it all the time. biggest problem is movement when and if it rains. never exceed lable rate appliations, but lighter applications are better until you get the hang of it all
  9. Outlawn

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    Wow, thanks for the great feedback, guys!

    I honestly have no idea what you are talking about when you say geotextiles. As for irrigation, no, there is no irrigation in these rock beds. However, they are on a grade and would run off onto a (kind of) grassy area below, and then into a drainage reservoir. I didn't consider runoff as it doesn't rain much here, but then again we got about 4" in the past week! And the last thing I need is the TCEQ all over me about contamination into the reservoir.
    I will definitely look into the other products you mentioned. I was hoping to not have to reapply so often, but if that's what we gotta do, that's what we gotta do.
  10. OkieLawnBoy

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    I would consider Sahara (Winfield Solutions) or Mojave (John Deere Landscapes / Lesco). The longest term control you can get comes from Imazapyr and the second best is Diuron; these are the active ingredients in the products I mentioned. Imazapyr is available by itself in a liquid, but it's extremely pricey. Around here, I buy these products for about $13/lb (Sahara comes in a 10-lb bag and Mojave comes in a 5-lb bag). It's important to note you need to mix in Round Up to burn down existing vegetation otherwise, your clients will be looking at it for awhile while the sterilant chokes it out.

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