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    I get great control with SureGuard.
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    Well, after being a little less excited about Pramitol after what I read on here, I talked to my local dealer. He suggested using 1.5oz/gal of Round Up Quick Pro, 0.5-0.75oz/gal of Tsunami DQ, and a little surfactant. I went ahead and bought the product. This route is a bit more expensive than Pramitol, but it seems I will have less of a chance of hurting what is around the areas I am to be spraying and will be able to get closer to the dividers, as well as less of a chance of runoff. I have not been able to try out the product yet, thanks to my kids unscrewing the nozzle of by backpack sprayer and promptly losing it. But I'm excited to try it. I'm gonna do my the fenceline behind my house with it and see how it goes before I use it on any customers.

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