Prayed for rain...recieved a FLOOD!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Esby, Jun 27, 2003.

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    Up until last Sunday things around here were getting pretty dry. Some of the non irrigated accounts were drying up and we were definitely praying for some rain. Starting Sunday night and going through Monday, there was 6.33 inches of rain. Tuesday brought another 1.52 inches, and on Wednesday, we saw nearly two more inches — 1.75 to be exact — for a total of 9.6 inches of rain. This caused some pretty ridiculous flooding in areas. Lots of basements were flooded out, many docks, boats and lifts received damage as the water levels in the lakes jumped by 20+ inches from all of the run off. Talk about shutting things down for lawn care! Still about a day behind but we are looking to catch up completely this weekend as the forecast calls for no rain. With all of the rain the ground has reached absolute saturation, making it very easy for trees to be up rooted with the high winds from the storms. One of my customers lost 4 oaks that were all in the 80+ year old category. Lots of other trees down too. Anyways.....heres some pictures of the flooding. There isn't supposed to be a lake here;)

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    Notice the roof of the car which almost competely covered in water.

  4. I know how you feel, in '93 we couldn't mow 108 accounts due to they were all under water for clse to a month, then we couldn't get in to them for 2 months. That year those lawns were a wash. Howvere there is a bright side, lots of renovations.
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    I suppose these cars recieved some damage:

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    Last One

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    Wow.. I hope I never experience anything like that. IMO the Mother Nature has gone wacko. Weather has been weird everywhere. Good luck.
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    any damage to your equipment?
  9. Can't tell for sure, but by the looks of those pictures, it might be a little too wet to mow, just now.
  10. Awe come on, I see green still, you can hit what you can't see next week.

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