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    I have been using teflan for the past few years and this year tred snapshot. Both products work good for weeds, but the problem is that I still get turf grass grow in the beds (mostly fesue and bermuda).I have always just hand pulled, i guess with the heat of summer I am just getting too lazy.Round up is not up yo my standards because of the risk of overspray and the finshed product, the yellowed dead grass in the in the beds just don't fly with me. Does anyone know of any way to keep the turf grass from growing in the first place, that will not be harmfull to any of the typical plants that are in flower beds?
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    We have a commercial property with about a 1/2 acre bed of Asiatic Jasmine. Always have the same problem with broad leaf and grassy weeds popping up all year. Best all around product I have used personally used for pre-em for all of them is Showcase -

    It won't knock out the bermuda grass, but may knock out the fescue, and will control crabgrass and goosegrass as well as annual bluegrass(poa annua). I have no idea on fescue because the heat here is too harsh for fescue to survive anyway. We use Vantage(Poast;Sethoxydim) in a backpack sprayer to knock back the Bermuda, but it has to done about every 30 days. I put out the Showcase about every 6-8 weeks during the spring and summer. We used Snapshot in the past, but Showcase is basically Snapshot with a grassy weed controll chemical called Isoxaben(Flexidor).

    Showcase = Goal+Treflan+Isoxaben in a granular form and a 50lb bag should run ya about 120-150 bucks. (I think I pay about $128).

    I got some advice on here form someone that Lontrel might help with my post emerge broad leaves in my jasmine, but I haven't tested it yet. I will be making a trial test on that on Friday.

    I would make sure that all of that stuff is OK in your state and your area since we are in different zones. Talk to local reps and all that jazz, but maybe it'll give ya some ideas. I will say though that this has been my best year with my ornamental beds so far since I started using Showcase. We love the product and will be using it every year unless I find something better.

    P.S. - Honestly you are probably out of luck on the Bermuda grass. Roundup will knock it back but it will come back. Prograss by Bayer is labeled to suppress it. Vantage will knock it back for about 30 days. Fusilade will knock it back too.Personally, I have yet to find a killer blow chemical for Common Bermuda. Even pulling it, it will probably come back as it can root up to 36" deep and spreads by seed, rhizome, and stolon. I can see why it's actually illegal to plant it in some states. The stuff is a nightmare. Good luck :)
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    Joe Homeowner here - I've been using "Triple Strike"

    You can probably read the label and find something similar commercially.

    It works fast (24-48) and best of all it doesn't turn the grass bright yellow like Roundup, weeds and grass go brown with Triple Strike. I still use round up for areas that the aesthetics don't matter since it's cheaper.

    You could probably mix round up and triple strike together and get some good results.

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    Triple strike is Fusilade, Dicamba, and Diquat in a ready made spray. I'm sure it'll kill just about everything it touches, but it probably not so good for spraying over ornamentals that you don't want to replace :)
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    That's for sure! That s__t works! Fast.

    I nice wide paint brush and a bucket works good around the fancy stuff. Hard on the back though.

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