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    i work for a lawn care company and have noticed good results by using a split application with pre-em. my question is, how many times and at what intervals can i apply these to bermuda with out doing damage. i applied aqua-caps in mid Jan. and a fert.+pre-em mix in march. are these types good or are ther better pre-ems out there
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    Check with your county extension service for timing. We have good ones here in TX.

    I applied Barricade (prodiamine) at 1/2 half of the max rate in Sept and then again in Dec of last year, and still have had very little breakthrough despite the heavy rains.
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    thanks for the info..what about the spring time? can you use barricade then, or is it a fall pre-em? also, can you apply it ti st. augustine? do weeds or soil build up a "tolerance" if you use the same pre-ems year after year?

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