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  1. weedmaster

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    I am new to the business and my account list is growing quickly. A very seasoned veteran told me I could use simazine in the fall and save half on my pre-em costs. Is this a safe practice or should I use pendimethalin. I don't want to take chances with all these new customers.
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  3. weedmaster

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    Is Ronstar g available in a liquid as well as granular. What is the cost
  4. rvsuper

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    Treflan or Dimension.
  5. vegomatic40

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    I take it that this a Bermuda market? Simazine can be used. As always read and understand the label. Treating my warm-season lawns in the next few weeks with it. What weeds are you after?
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    Weedmaster I sent you a pm on this subject :)
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    I did not receive your p.m. T.E. I am very interested in your thoughts if you want to try again. This is a bermuda market vegomatic. Thanks alot.
  8. If your program can afford it use ronstar g or ronstar wp. more info email me. Ronstar not labeled for home lawns.

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